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Opinion: Gaining consumer confidence in the agri-food industry

Canada’s agri-food industry is moving forward with ways to strengthen and build its relationship with consumers. As consumers are more and more interested with what they eat and how it is produced, the industry needs to send a positive message. After all, the customer is always right. Recently Farm & Food Care Ontario hosted a

Opinion: Cleaning up the landscape

Opinion: Cleaning up the landscape

The recent Supreme Court of Canada ruling which requires bankrupt oil companies to be held responsible for cleaning up inactive oil wells, is a welcome decision. When companies file for bankruptcy protection, paying off creditors was usually the only order of business. Now monies need to be committed to cleaning up their mess left out

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Opinion: The glyphosate challenge

The roller-coaster ride for the use of glyphosate continues due to recent rulings in California and Brazil. These decisions have been closely watched by both those who see the need to use this product and by those who are concerned about its effects on human health. Recently a California judge rejected Monsanto’s appeal of a

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Food production for and by consumers

A strong consumer connection can let a 
small farm be a big economic success

Technology has significantly changed agriculture, reducing the amount of labour required to produce food. As a result there are larger farms with more acres and many more animals per farmer. This means a small percentage of farmers produce a large percentage of the total. However, this does not mean that big is the only way

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Opinion: Consumers need to manage food packaging waste

Since early in May Tim Hortons has been removing garbage bins from drive-through lanes. Some have been placed in less obvious locations on the store properties. Tim Hortons is concerned customers don’t have enough time to properly sort their garbage into bins placed alongside drive-through lanes, so it has taken the trash cans away. They

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Farmers getting caught in regulatory net

Here in Ontario, over the next four years, poultry and livestock producers who use unvented gas heaters in their facilities will be required to have them verified for proper installation. According to Section 7.36 of the Gaseous Fuels Code, Technical Standard and Safety Authority (TSSA) requires a professional engineer to verify installations for farmers to