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Canadian dairy cows produce roughly 8,500 litres of milk per cow per year.

Opinion: Counting cows

Comparing the shelf price of milk in other countries is far too simplified a way of trying to compare complex differences between complete systems of producing and marketing milk. The CFFO prides itself on considering agricultural issues not only from an economic perspective. Last week’s commentary considered the social impacts of Canada’s supply management system,

Herd of Holstein Friesian cows

Opinion: The whole dairy picture

The current press frenzy around Canada’s supply-managed dairy system is mostly thanks to the rhetoric of politicians south of the border. However, debate about the system has gone on within our own Canadian media for a long time too. Media debate around supply management often focuses on the issue of price for product on the

Land use policies challenge new farmers

New farmers face many challenges as they attempt to get established in the business of farming. Last week we examined the issues of farm size and financial risk from the perspective of starting farmers. This week we will look at land use policy relating to new farmers. This issue was brought to our attention by