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Garden-fresh carrots can be stored a long time if precautions are taken.

Harvesting, storing and enjoying carrots

All carrots, in any form, are an excellent addition to any diet

Delicious, affordable and versatile, carrots are everything we could want in a vegetable. It’s no wonder this nutritious, subtly sweet root vegetable is loved by young and old and is one of the most popular root vegetables in the world, second only to potatoes. Carrots, whether red, purple, yellow or orange, are rich in fibre,

(Stephen Ausmus photo courtesy ARS/USDA)

Scientists peel back carrot’s genetic secrets

Reuters — Scientists have gotten to the root of the carrot, genetically speaking. Researchers said Monday they have sequenced the genome of the carrot, an increasingly important root crop worldwide, identifying genes responsible for traits including the vegetable’s abundance of vitamin A, an important nutrient for vision. The genome may point to ways to improve

Time To Dig Carrots

It won t be long before we undertake one of the last vegetable gardening tasks of the growing season harvesting the carrot crop. I always leave this annual task for a bright, sunny October day so that the job becomes a pleasant afternoon spent outdoors in the garden. My wife and I have a small-town

Seed Bombs Planted In Vacant Urban Lots

Forget potted plants and privet hedges; a group of Buenos Aires artists want to make the Argentine capital a free-for-all kitchen garden, turning neglected parks and verges into verdant vegetable patches. Following in the footsteps of “guerrilla gardeners” who have been scattering flower seeds in vacant lots and roadsides in cities such as London and

Golden Carrots Awarded To Manitobans

Agroup of dietitians who teamed up with farmers in south-central Manitoba this spring to serve a community supper have earned a “Golden Carrot” for their efforts. The South Central Manitoba Spring Supper Committee, which fed 250 a meal of Manitobagrown foods in Morden last March, were presented the award in the rural community food champion

Carrot Crop Challenge

Carrots keep me guessing. In spring if I scatter the seed liberally in the rows, only the odd carrot deigns to surface. But if I am stingy when I sow, in a few weeks I have carrots jostling each other for space. When I could do with a good-size crop, the carrots I am counting

“Harvest Moon” Carrots

We were digging carrots in near darkness last week. It might have been a dreary chore at the end of a long day, but it was a calm, still evening and a brilliant full moon hung overhead. In the dim light our noses picked up where our eyes left off and the sweet, earthy scent

Light Shines On Food Champions

Betty Kehler didn’t mince words when granted the opportunity to address the audience after she and her partner Bob Pizey received their Golden Carrot Award last week. She sang them instead, breaking into a rendition of “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine,…” to the delight of the 100 or so

Harvesting the garden

On the warm, sunny, fall afternoons, I enjoyed the task of “harvesting” my garden. Often my children joined me at the job and we made it a family event. We loaded our wagon with peppers, cucumbers, carrots, pumpkins, beets, corn and potatoes. How blessed we were with the abundance of it all. My children were

Sure signs of autumn

I know it’s fall when… The sunscreen in my vehicle seems oddly out of place. The thought of canning, packaging or preserving another garden product is overwhelming. The kiddie pool has been deflated, washed and stored. I’m on another bumpy hayride balancing a cup of apple cider and a toddler. The school’s parent advisory committee