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Set-aside funded for Quebec hog, cattle, big game producers

Feds, province pledge $21.8 million AgriRecovery plan

Farmers tending feeder hogs, fed cattle and big game animals such as elk, red deer, bison and wild boar in Quebec can expect $21.8 million in AgriRecovery to compensate for COVID-19’s drag on the province’s slaughter capacity. Federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau and her Quebec counterpart Andre Lamontagne on Thursday announced their governments’ respective 60-40

(Photo courtesy Canada Beef Inc.)

Cattle set-aside programs winding down

Final enrolment deadlines set for Saskatchewan, Alberta programs

AgriRecovery programs set up in Saskatchewan and Alberta to help cover feed costs for cattle producers unable to ship livestock to slaughter are gearing down, while Ontario’s program begins a third intake. Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corp. announced Friday that the province’s AgriRecovery set-aside program will end March 31, 2021, with Jan. 19 now set as

Online bovine export permits set to launch nationwide

Online bovine export permits set to launch nationwide

A handful of Manitoba producers got a taste of the CFIA’s online export paperwork over the last few months. Now, the agency says it’s ready to expand

Manitoba producers with cattle or bison headed to the U.S. have been able to get export permits online for months. As of June, 1, so will everyone else. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) says it is ready to expand its My CFIA web portal for live bovine export to all ports between the U.S.

Michelle Gaudry has been named this year’s Bill Lenton Memorial Award winner.

Bring on the bison

Faces of Ag: Michelle Gaudry may not be a bison producer, but her support of the industry earned her this year’s Bill Lenton Memorial Award, the Manitoba Bison Association’s largest annual award

If you’re a bison rancher in Manitoba, chances are you know Michelle Gaudry. She has spent the last five years promoting the sector’s growth as an industry development specialist with the province. Bison ranchers will have seen her at Manitoba Bison Association (MBA) meetings or hosted her on a visit to their farm. They likely

A Manitoba bison producer says a new pilot project is making exporting his animals far easier.

Bovine export in Manitoba goes digital

First users of the pilot suggest it could cut hours off of getting export paperwork together

Manitoba bovine producers are getting a glimpse of their export future. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) says a new pilot will significantly cut down on the time farmers and veterinarians spend on paperwork for live bovine export. Exporters shipping live cattle or bison through the Emerson port south of Winnipeg can now complete their

Brooks and Jen White farm about 
7,500 acres near Pierson, Manitoba. 

Regenerative agriculture by accident

Faces of Ag: Brooks and Jen White stumbled into regenerative agriculture before they knew what it was — now it’s the foundation of their farm

Brooks and Jen White want a smaller farm. It may seem like a strange ambition, but that is an actual part of their five-year plan — to be smaller in acreage than they are now. “For me, what regenerative ag means is becoming more profitable on a smaller scale — on fewer acres,” Brooks said.

This steep cliff face near Cartwright allowed human hunters on foot to harvest the massive bison herds of the central plains.

Visit Manitoba’s buffalo jumps

Other sights on the western Prairies are more famous, but don’t miss this slice of Indigenous history closer to home

Perhaps you have heard about the famous attraction in southwestern Alberta called Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump — but were you aware that Manitoba has similar sites? In the southern part of our province, just north of the village of Cartwright, is the Clay Banks Buffalo Jump. Many years ago, when bison still roamed these vast stretches

Elkhorn farm named to Bill Lenton Memorial Award

Elkhorn farm named to Bill Lenton Memorial Award

Ken and Sharon Johnson of Elkhorn, Man., took home the top honours when Manitoba’s bison industry met for its annual meeting, sale, show and awards gala this past March

The winner of this year’s Bill Lenton Memorial Award can tell a story or two about Manitoba bison. When Ken and Sharon Johnson first introduced a handful of bison to their farm in the late ’90s, the industry was a very different place. Manitoba’s producers were just starting to organize — a national bison group

Bison producers chime in on Crown lands

Bison producers chime in on Crown lands

Bison producers have their own opinions and concerns when it comes to Crown land changes

Manitoba’s bison producers are hoping for a bigger piece of the pie when it comes to Agricultural Crown Lands. The Manitoba Bison Association is among the producer groups weighing in as the provincial government looks to overhaul Crown land allocations. In fall 2018, the province changed the Crown Lands Act to include open auctions instead

The bison code of care covers topics not seen in other livestock.

The updated bison code of care has a wealth of information

Beef 911: Although written specifically for bison, the code also has good tips for beef producers

In 2017, new codes of practice came out for bison and veal cattle, following revisions to the codes for dairy cattle in 2009 and the beef, sheep, and equine sectors in 2013. Other codes have also been released or are in progress. The format has multiple chapters (with numerous appendices at the end) and each