Plenty of good quality hay predicted for EastMan

Forage and grassland conditions for Western/Central Manitoba and Eastern/Interlake as of June 6 and June 7

Plenty of good quality hay predicted for EastMan

Western/Central areas continue to see some very good growth. Over the past 7 days RFV’s were trending down at approx. 5 pts./day. With today’s results we see a slight upwards movement in RFV’s.

Hay Day for the Eastern area is predicted to be June 10th. With a lot of cutting happening due to the crop stage (beginning to flower and grasses heading). It looks like a lot of hay will be put up as good quality.

This is the sixth release for the 2018 Optimum Alfalfa Harvest Date. Reporting will be provided from various areas of the Province (Eastern, Central, Interlake, and Western).

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