Fair weather sees good forage growth, alfalfa weevils on the scene

Forage and grassland conditions for Eastern Manitoba/Interlake and Western Manitoba/Central as of May 30 – 31

Some fields in eastern Manitoba are showing signs of alfalfa weevil damage.

Fields in the Western area received some welcome rains with reports in the 2 inch range as of May 30. Central Manitoba reported only trace amounts of precipitation.

Fields in Southeast Manitoba received around 7 mm while the Interlake received as much as 14 mm. Fields in the East that saw 3-4 inches of growth have decreased RFV of close to 20 pts over the past 3 days, the other fields have seen increases in RFV.

Part of this is likely due to stem elongation in some fields while the other had an increase in the leaf to stem ratio with the leaves reducing the fibre content of the samples.

Some fields are showing evidence of leaf feeding which likely could be Alfalfa Weevil.

These are the second and third releases for the 2018 Optimum Alfalfa Harvest Date. Reporting will be provided from various areas of the Province (Eastern, Central, Interlake, and Western).

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