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Sew a spare dog leash

Puppies love to chew and they are not selective. Their leash is targeted as well as your favourite socks and slippers. This leash is so easy and quick to make, you can always have extras. Reuse the swivel hooks from ruined leashes or you can get them at many hardware stores. Use a heavier needle and thread and set zigzag width to 4.5 with a short stitch length.

Cut two pieces, at least 72 inches long of medium-thick macramé cord. Lay them side by side and join them using the zigzag stitch. Make the hand loop by folding up 9-1/2 inches; stitch end in place. Put opposite end into loop of the swivel hook. Fold over approximately 2 inches and stitch securely. It’s complete!

– Eva Krawchuk writes from Winnipeg

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