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Remembering Grandma’s Pump Organ

Some sounds ring forever in one’s ear and so it was with a favourite childhood instrument – my grandmother’s pump organ. Like most pump organs of its time, my grandparents probably purchased it from W. Gundy who opened his music business in Winnipeg in 1887. Gundy went into partnership with his brother to create the firm W. Gundy & Company which is engraved on many of the organs. The company existed for 13 years and closed in 1900. It specialized in these gorgeous reed instruments and brought music to my grandmother’s home.

Years later, I was ecstatic to discover that a friend of ours had one of these musical treasures in the attic. Upon seeing it, I slid onto the wooden swivel seat. My mind instantly rewound to Grandma’s living room and I realized the music had never really left my ears.

– Sheila Braun writes from

Landmark, Manitoba

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