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Oakburn farm boy loves to play his fiddle

Youngest of three opts for music and dance versus hockey

Adamant he didn’t want to play hockey like his two older brothers, Nicholas Nowosad of Oakburn surprised his parents when he declared he wanted to learn to play the violin instead. And several years later, the eight-year-old fiddled his way to second place in his age category at the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair in 2016.

Stu and Lynn Nowosad were registering their other two boys, Jayden (12) and Nathan (13) in hockey for the season a few years back and asked Nicky if he wanted to play.

When he said no and replied that he wanted to learn to play the violin, his parents, a little surprised, asked if he even knew what a violin was.

“With the answer being yes, we began the search for an instructor,” said Lynn. “I’m proud to say that his interest sort of took off with learning the instrument, and today, he truly loves to play and perform.”

A journey that began at the age of six continues with instructor Beth English of Bradwardine.

Fiddling isn’t the only activity that is keeping the Shoal Lake Grade 3 student busy these days, as he is also among the males involved in the Oakburn Teren Ukrainian Dance group.

According to his mom, he probably loves the fiddle just as much as dance right now. And as the show goes on, the passion for music will ring true for family and friends, as Nicholas, the youngest of three farm boys, develops his talent with lots of encouragement and support.

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