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An ag-minister’s advice goes wrong

Our History: January 2001

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The advice may have been good, but the timing was wrong. As reported in our Jan. 25, 2001 issue, Agriculture Minister Rosann Wowchuk speaking at Ag Days unveiled a 70-page report touting Manitoba’s advantages in beef production, saying the province had all the resources to double its cow herd. On the other hand, a report by the Livestock Stewardship Panel, more in reference to the hog industry, suggested the province had to do a better job of controlling its expansion.

In the following Feb. 1 issue we reported on the annual meetings of KAP and the Western Canadian Wheat Growers. Delegates at both passed resolutions opposing the introduction of Monsanto’s Roundup Ready wheat, citing concerns over customer acceptance and herbicide resistance.

We also reported on a proposal that suffered the same fate as Roundup Ready wheat — CN Rail had signed a memorandum of understanding in which 1,000 miles of branch lines, mainly in Saskatchewan, would be transferred to a co-operative.

Speaking to the KAP meeting, CFA president Bob Friesen called on Manitoba farmers to follow Ontario farmers in a phone blitz targeting Prime Minister Chrétien and other government officials. The CFA was demanding that Ottawa contribute another $900 million in safety net and income disaster programs for farmers.

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