XXRays Gang Plow and a combined harvester and thresher

Our History: September 1898

XXRays Gang Plow and a combined harvester and thresher

The XXRays Gang Plow advertised in the September 1898 issue of the Nor-West Farmer was said to penetrate “anything plowable, and draws 50 to 75 pounds lighter than other plows doing the same work.” The lifting spring was so powerful that “a 12 years old boy can easily operate it.”

Among other machinery mentioned in that issue was the Conroy’s combined harvester and thresher. “It consists of a cutting table and an elevator, which passes the grain into a small threshing machine, which threshes, cleans the grain, and bags it.” The unit was said to have been in operation on the farm of Mayor Evans of Brandon for the past three years, and there was a photo of it pulled by a six-horse team. In a testimonial to Mr. Conroy, Mayor Evans praised the unit highly, and said “at no distant date it will take the place of the binder and thresher now in use in Manitoba.”

Among the questions in the correspondence section were whether stone was a good material for a granary, the best design for an ice house, the cause for the death of five pigs (an overdose of salt was suggested) and the best method for keeping mice out of stacks of oat sheaves.

In the “we haven’t heard the last of this” department, there was a brief note on “The Crow’s Nest Railway deal,” which called for certain reductions in the freight rates in return for concessions granted to the company by the government. It would reduce the rate in grain and flour by 1-1/2 cents per 100 pounds on shipments to Fort William.

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