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Cereal Implements, first in self-propelled swathers

Our History: August 1986

Cereal Implements, first in self-propelled swathers

Canadian Co-operative Implements Ltd. (CCIL) started in 1940 as a co-op to market equipment and later manufacture its own. In 1973, CCIL built a large plant in Winnipeg to manufacture combines, swathers, discers, cultivators, harrows and other equipment. The decision turned out to be a poor one for the company, and it struggled for several years. In 1986 it merged with Vicon Manufacturing, keeping its former logo but renaming the company as Cereal Implements, as seen in this ad in our Aug. 14, 1986 issue. However, it continued to struggle and was placed in receivership in 1991.

As a reminder of how communication has changed, the NFU had sent a message to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney asking him to take action against the U.S. for its grain export subsidies. The message was sent by telegram.

Manitoba Crop Insurance had announced extension of winter wheat coverage to the Red River Valley if growers used Dithane (mancozeb) to control rust. Cost was said to be expensive at $15 an acre. Meanwhile the new fungicide Tilt was being tested in the province, and manufacturer Ciba-Geigy hoped to have it registered in 1988.

The Winnipeg Commodity Exchange had rejected appeals of three members who had been expelled and fined $375,000. Two of the traders were later prosecuted and jailed for fraud.

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