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Universal tractors, now in two- and four-wheel drive

Our History: June 1984

Universal tractors, now in two- and four-wheel drive

Universal tractors advertised in our June 14, 1984 issue were available in two- and four-wheel drive in 35 to 100 hp.

The crop report in that issue said that as of June 12, most seeding was complete except in the northwest, where there had been heavy rain in the Dauphin, Ste. Rose and Swan River areas.

Concerns were being raised about the operation of the Vancouver rapeseed contract on the Winnipeg Commodity Exchange. Cargill reportedly had taken delivery of 1,700 of the 2,400 contracts and was being accused of cornering the market. While spokesmen for Cargill, the commodity exchange and the Canadian Grain Commission (which at that time supervised Winnipeg futures) denied there was manipulation, rapeseed futures had recently exceeded $700 per tonne compared to the previous record high of $467.40.

In stark contrast to today, with cream in high demand, the good news in 1984 was that “Excessive cream production shouldn’t be a problem” in the coming dairy year. Cream production had spiked after a cream shipper successfully appealed a marketing council ruling that cream shippers could not convert to milk production. After that, several raised production to have more milk quota when it transferred.

The Canadian Wheat Board was celebrating its anniversary in 1985, and had asked for suggestions on how to celebrate. In an editorial in its newsletter, the Kansas Wheat Commission noted Canada’s recent increase in wheat market share, and suggested the board celebrate by taking the year off.

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