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‘Get more beets, cleaner beets!’

Our History: August 1963

‘Get more beets, cleaner beets!’

This ad from our August 8, 1963 issue reminds of when Manitoba had an active sugar industry. And when you dropped in to see the new Farmhand multiple-row beet harvester, you could also check out an Owatonna windrower.

We reported that despite heavy losses from drought and rust, Manitoba’s wheat crop could reach 70 million bushels, considerably less than 82 million the previous year but 18 million above the previous five-year average.

At least some of the harvest would have a market — Trade Minister Mitchell Sharp had announced that “Mainland China” had signed an agreement to buy between 112 million and 186.7 million bushels over the next three years. In return Canada had agreed to relax duties on Chinese textiles. That drew a complaint from the executive director of the Canadian Apparel and Textile Manufacturers Association, who said that it was hard to understand why Canada continued to give away the domestic market and add to the serious unemployment situation.

Saskatchewan Wheat Pool announced it was entering the farm supply business, selling fertilizer, weed sprays, other farm chemicals and twine. It was also entering the seed business, having purchased the assets of the dissolved Saskatchewan Seed Grain Co-operative Limited.

Manitoba Agriculture Minister George Hutton said that crop insurance could be extended to all Manitoba farmers by 1966 if the federal government agreed to underwrite the program, which was still in deficit following the severe drought in 1961.

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