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Livestock breeders and “Dairy don’ts”

Our History: July 1887

Livestock breeders and “Dairy don’ts”

Livestock breeders advertising in the July 1887 issue of The Nor-West Farmer and Manitoba Miller included the Binscarth Stock Farm (C.L. Smellie), Beresford Stock Farm in Brandon (J.E. Smith), Chas. H. Fox & Co. in Winnipeg, Breeze Lawn Stock Farm (Sharman and Sharman) in Souris and O.P. Skrine and R.H. Skrine of Grenfell — now Saskatchewan but then Northwest Territories.

Winnipeg’s Maw and Co. offered several poultry breeds, including Light Brahmas, Dark Brahmas, Black Cochins, Wyandottes, Black Javas, Plymouth Rocks, Partridge Cochins, Black Spanish, Mammoth Pekin ducks and Chinese geese.

A column titled “Dairy don’ts” had this advice:

  • Don’t fool around the bull pen with 10-penny nails, use 20s.
  • Don’t think the cow will be your friend unless you are her friend.
  • Don’t think because cows drink out of a mud puddle that it is good enough for them.
  • Don’t let your bull become fat as a seal or half-starve him. Take the middle course.
  • Don’t drive them from the pasture with a dog; it saves time but wastes milk and cow.
  • Don’t imagine you can strain manure out of the milk; keep them separate and save trouble.
  • Don’t handle the bull without a strong staff. “Perfectly gentle,” is he? Then keep enough cash on hand to pay for funeral expenses.

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