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MTS’ “Ultimate” cellular plan

Our History: June 1994

MTS’ “Ultimate” cellular plan

Not everything is subject to inflation — this ad for MTS cellular in our June 9, 1994 issue featured the “Ultimate” plan — $149.95 per month. That’s $229 in today’s dollars.

Just above that ad was another inviting farmers to an AgrEvo field day near Brandon, where they could see a new crop that year — glufosinate-tolerant canola.

The success of that product (today’s Liberty Link) as well as Roundup Ready canola helped take care of a problem covered in that issue, which was a shortage of Muster, at that time the only herbicide to control wild mustard in canola. Due to a large increase in acreage that year, demand was reportedly 50 per cent more than supply. In that issue we featured the second of a two-part series on canola management.

In what turned out to be a sign of things to come, Transport Minister Doug Young was reported as saying that Canadians could not afford $2.3 billion a year in transportation subsidies, including the Crow subsidy for Prairie grain.

Manitoba farmers were receiving $366 million in GRIP and crop insurance payments on the previous 1993 crop, which had been hit with wet weather. The payments were the third highest in the history of the crop insurance program. But with the exception of the eastern region which needed rain, the crop report that week indicated good conditions across most of the province.

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