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Proven results! with Chipman seed treatments

Our History: March 1964

Proven results! with Chipman seed treatments

Mergamma and Agrosol seed treatment liquid were offered in glass bottles in this ad in our March 12, 1964 issue.

A front-page story said attendees at the annual meeting of the Manitoba Branch of the Canadian Seed Growers Association heard that Canadian farmers could seriously hurt their chances in the export market if supplies of non-licensed “bootleg” varieties crept into the system. A representative of the federal Agriculture Department said the practice of growing bootleg varieties was being carried out to an alarming extent among Manitoba growers, especially in the south. Some were “more informed and prosperous farmers,” including some seed growers.

We reported that delegates to the Saskatchewan Resource Conference heard that the province’s production could increase 45 per cent with better soil management and use of fertilizer. Saskatchewan soil scientists said if 4.5 million needlessly summerfallowed acres were seeded, wheat production would rise by 110 million bushels. They said abut two-thirds of the seeded stubble land in the province should be consistently fertilized, but that currently practically no stubble crops received fertilizer.

A special section on crop management for the coming year had an article on calculating fertilizer use under the new system of pounds of plant nutrients needed by the crop instead of the old system of pounds per acre. Another article explained the use of new herbicide combinations including dicamba, 2,4-D and MCPA.

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