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Seed regulation consultations are expected to change the way farmers can access seed, and their input is being sought.

Calling all farmers: Seed regs review kicks off

Regulations are under review and CFIA wants your input before March 15

Canadian farmers are urged to take part in a major review of regulations under the Seeds Act, starting with a survey ending March 15 assessing current regulations and the need for changes. Most producers probably don’t know much about the Byzantine legislation that goes back to 1905, when the Seeds Control Act was proclaimed, but

Seeds Canada will include seed grower voices

Seeds Canada will include seed grower voices

That’s despite the Canadian Seed Growers Association’s decision not to participate in new organization

The Canadian Seed Growers Association (CSGA) isn’t part of the merger creating Seeds Canada, but some seed growers will be part of Seeds Canada. “While there may be one less amalgamating partner (CSGA), the vision for Seeds Canada to become the voice of the seed sector, including seed growers, analysts, and the seed trade, remains

Manitoba seed growers weigh in on failed merger

Manitoba seed growers weigh in on failed merger

The Manitoba Seed Growers’ Association says it is disappointed with vote results

The Manitoba Seed Growers’ Association (MSGA), which endorsed the Canadian Seed Growers Association (CSGA) merger with four other seed groups to form Seeds Canada, is disappointed CSGA members voted it down. But the MSGA said it is pleased many of its members took time to study the issue and vote. “Our take-home message to our

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Seed groups weigh options as CSGA rejects merger

Grower group's membership calls nay on Seeds Canada amalgamation

The boards of five national seed sector groups planning a major merger are considering their next move after a less-than-unanimous vote on the proposal. Members of the Canadian Plant Technology Agency (CPTA), Commercial Seed Analysts Association of Canada (CSAAC), Canadian Seed Growers’ Association (CSGA), Canadian Seed Institute (CSI) and Canadian Seed Trade Association (CSTA) had

Proven results! with Chipman seed treatments

Proven results! with Chipman seed treatments

Our History: March 1964

Mergamma and Agrosol seed treatment liquid were offered in glass bottles in this ad in our March 12, 1964 issue. A front-page story said attendees at the annual meeting of the Manitoba Branch of the Canadian Seed Growers Association heard that Canadian farmers could seriously hurt their chances in the export market if supplies of

Editorial: Seed royalty proposal no slam dunk

At first the discussion around seed royalties seemed largely a foregone conclusion. At question wasn’t if royalties would be collected on cereals crops to fund varietal research. Rather, the debate centred around how they’d be collected, with two models discussed under the supervision of the federal government. The options presented to farmers were a trailing

Non-royalty wheats will continue to be an option

Non-royalty wheats will continue to be an option

Industry officials say seed companies are unlikely to deregister varieties to limit farmers’ choices in an effort to collect more royalty money

If new proposed cereal royalties are implemented farmers will pay more for seed, but they can also choose to grow varieties not covered by the new regulations. That’s according to Plant Breeders’ Rights Commissioner Anthony Parker. But for how long? At least 2021 and probably longer, says the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, which oversees seed

Seed industry applauds PBR consultations

Sessions will be held in four cities — including Winnipeg — with seed growers and other groups

Agriculture Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency will be consulting with seed trade groups in the coming weeks on proposed Plant Breeders’ Rights Regulations released in April. Those sessions in Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Ottawa will be followed up with sessions in November that will include the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, Grain Growers of

Consultation on plant variety royalty options soon starting

The seed sector says the goal is encouraging more plant-breeding investment in Canada

Federal government consultations on ways to encourage more investment in plant breeding will start this fall, says Todd Hyra, president of the Canadian Seed Trade Association (CSTA) and SeCan’s business manager for Western Canada. “It’s really about how to generate investment for plant breeders, incent investment by new innovators that want to come to Canada

Lowe Farm farmer Butch Harder told the seed growers’ meeting he opposes additional royalties for cereal breeders, calling the plan a “seed tax.”

The ‘value capture’ conundrum

A proposal to better compensate cereal breeders will almost certainly cost farmers more 
either when they buy seed or when they deliver grain to the elevator

Some call it a cereals ‘seed tax’ while others say it’s an investment in improved varieties. Either way, Canadian farmers face paying more for new varieties, or when they deliver the crop, if one of two proposed new “value capture” models is implemented by the federal government in 2019. “We want Canada to continue to