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Double-Duty Eggshell-maker

Our History: December 1962

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This ad for Double-Duty Eggshell-maker appeared in our December issues in 1962. Readers of a certain age may recall the product also being advertised on radio, with a jingle that went “Cluck, cluck, save a buck… for better eggshells, why trust to luck?”

A Dec. 6 story reported that Interlake cattlemen were going to Alberta to obtain good-quality foundation herds. “We are getting better-quality heifers, cheaper,” said G.H. Gunnarson of Arborg. He said that he and a neighbour had bought 68 heifer calves at just about $100 each, while similar cattle would sell for $130 to $150 locally.

Alongside was a story quoting the head of the Canada Department of Agriculture’s poultry division as saying that while still in the novelty category, 100-pound turkeys were here to stay. The birds were reportedly being developed in southern California.

Canada had made the first sale of wheat to “Red China” a year earlier, and in our Dec. 12 issue, we reported that Agriculture Minister Alvin Hamilton told the Farmers Union of Alberta convention that there was too much propaganda being waged against the government for the sale. He said most was coming from Formosa (Taiwan). Hamilton had also announced a proposal for a grazing tax of one cent per day per head in community pastures, and said that 80 new pastures were planned for the next year.

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