Manitoba Pool payments ‘doubtful’ due to low wheat prices

Our History: November 1986

Manitoba Pool payments ‘doubtful’ due to low wheat prices

This advertisement in our Nov. 13, 1986 issue invited Manitoba Pool Elevators members to attend the annual meeting of their local elevator to receive an update on its performance for the last crop year.

Speaking to the annual meeting of MPE delegates the previous week, wheat board chief commissioner Esmond Jarvis said final payments were doubtful due to low prices resulting from the U.S.-EU trade war. Following the meeting, delegates wrote Prime Minister Brian Mulroney asking for a comprehensive policy to provide stability in the industry.

MPE delegates also expressed concern about priority given to shippers of canola by producer cars. The Grain Transportation Authority’s policy was to allocate only 93 per cent of the cars needed to the company making the sale. It had to buy the rest from producer car shippers, who were said to be collecting a $28-per-tonne premium over the market price.

Also reported on the front page that week was that the U.S. Justice Department had allowed John Deere to proceed with purchase of Winnipeg’s Versatile Farm Equipment. The department said that while the move was anti-competitive, Versatile would fail if the purchase didn’t go ahead.

Ontario corn producers had won a countervail case against U.S. corn, and imports were to be subject to a duty of $1.05 per bushel.

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