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Capture more profit by feeding cattle to finish

Our History: August 1983

Capture more profit by feeding cattle to finish

The Manitoba Beef Commission, a marketing agency established by the NDP government in the late 1970s, ran this ad in our August 18, 1983 issue. It encouraged cattle producers to capture more profit by feeding their animals to finish, and offered marketing assistance plus financing assistance through MACC.

The Manitoba Cattle Producers Association and the NDP government were at odds on the Beef Commission and other issues, and that month the legislature passed a bill removing the MCPA’s compulsory checkoff. The legislature also passed a bill restricting non-resident farmland ownership to 10 acres.

The Canadian Grain Commission was concerned about the proliferation of U.S. semi-dwarf wheat varieties, and had held a seminar with grain company officials warning them to be on the lookout. The previous week, a Carman-area producer had pleaded not guilty to a charge under the Canada Seeds Act after placing ads for unlicensed varieties in the Co-operator.

Bill C-155, which incorporated the changes to the long-disputed Crow Rate, was moving through Parliament. That week, there was some surprise when Jean-Luc Pepin, who had shepherded the difficult bill, was relieved of his transport minister portfolio by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, who replaced him with Lloyd Axworthy.

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