A reaper and thresher in one machine?

Our History: July 1927

A reaper and thresher in one machine?

The July 1927 issue of The Grain Growers’ Guide featured some ads for a new concept in harvesting — combining the reaping and threshing in a single machine.

Below this ad for the Massey-Harris version was another ad for a more questionable product, the “wonderful new Vapour Humidifier and Gas Saver,” which purported to increase gas mileage. It claimed test results of 75 miles per gallon on a Ford, 29-1/2 on a Hudson, and 34-1/2 on a Hupmobile.

A full-page article in the issue focused on managing quackgrass. Shallow fall plowing and deep spring plowing in cold soil were suggested, as were smother crops and “close pasturing.” However, the most effective method was said to be summerfallow, keeping the ground “absolutely black for one year.” However, the article concluded that “A simple system of grain farming is not effective in fighting quackgrass — livestock farming must be followed.”

An editorial warned that farmers should prepare for “a battle royal on the income tax” and that powerful interests were determined it should be abolished. The editorial said the $55 million raised by income tax would be instead raised by tariffs on goods and “thus thrown upon the backs of those who could least afford it.”

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