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Make A Melted Memories Frame

Do you have old vinyl records that may not be in the best condition but you can’t bear to part with? Here’s a fun craft to do with the kids in the summer heat that will put them to another use while still allowing you to hold on to them. It will probably stir up some fond memories as you look through them!

Supplies: Very hot day

Blacktop or black surface

Scratched or damaged vinyl records Cold water

Full page sticker paper Felt pens, crayons, paints etc. Feathers, sparkles etc. Glue Directions:

Set the records on the blacktop, black surface or even on the bucket of the tractor. Let the sun bake them until they start to warp. Bend the bottom one-third of the record under to form a platform as the bottom of the frame. When the record will sit flat, dunk it into the cold water to harden it. Dry.

Lay the record face down on the surface of the sticker paper. Trace around the outside of the record. Measure in from edge on paper, approximately one inch. This will create a border of black vinyl to frame your picture. Draw and colour a picture on the sticker paper. Cut out the finished picture, peel away backing and stick the picture to the record.

Decorate the edge of the frame with sparkles, feathers, ribbon etc.

– Dana Ramstedt is a freelance writer and preschool teacher of 18 years

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