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Happy Birthday Barbie!

Many of us like to find uses for fabric scraps that are too small for most projects. Quilters do a tremendous service to them but they are limited in the choice of materials they can use. With doll clothes, almost anything works except for heavy fabrics. While our children and grandchildren have outgrown these dolls, it’s been a long-standing hobby of mine to continue to sew doll outfits. When sewing friends see what can be done (and I’m quite happy to show them) they are quick to give me what they would otherwise throw out. That applies to small pieces of lace and other trims which add those special touches. There’s so much satisfaction in donating a shoebox full of doll clothes to charities where they are most appreciated and the rewards come full circle knowing several little girls will delight in them.

Barbie turned 50 this year. She has aged a bit more gracefully than the rest of us – just a bit!

– Eva Krawchuk writes from Winnipeg, Manitoba

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