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Heads-up for motorcycle safety

Here’s some reminders of things to 
do even before you get out on the road

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In keeping with the goal of encouraging driver safety on the roads and highways, the RCMP reminds motorcyclists to adopt safe driving behaviours that reduce the risk of collisions.

Safe motorcycling begins long before hitting the pavement. By planning ahead, you can ride towards a safer future for you and everyone else on the road. Here are some safety tips for drivers and motorcycle riders:

  • Wear a helmet — By wearing an approved motorcycle helmet, you are 37 per cent less likely to sustain a fatal injury in a collision. If your helmet has been damaged, replace it with a new one. Used helmets could be broken in ways that can’t always be seen.
  • Gear up — The right gear will protect you and keep you comfortable while you ride. Along with a helmet, riders should wear shatterproof eye protection, a durable, bright-coloured jacket, long pants, leather footwear that protects the ankles, full-fingered, non-slip gloves and all weatherproof riding clothes.
  • Stay bright and in sight — Wearing high-visibility safety gear in colours like orange, yellow and white instantly draws other motorists’ eyes to you. Remember, motorcycles are smaller than most vehicles. Staying out of blind spots on roadways and in parking lots will help keep other vehicles aware of your presence.
  • Showing off does not pay off but driving defensively does — Never underestimate the speed of your motorcycle. Its size makes speed deceptive. Driving defensively means being aware of your surroundings, sharing the road, and changing lanes with extreme caution.
  • Practice makes perfect — Riders should first go on safe roads away from high-traffic areas and highways to make sure they are comfortable and confident in their skills on the road.

Police remind the public to stay engaged and share these messages with family, loved ones and friends.

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