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Decorate With Fabric

Making fabric pictures is an excellent way to do your own original decorating at a fraction of the cost.


A large pattern can be used for a large wall and can often be found in the sheeting section of a fabric store. It can match your curtains, pillow shams, tablecloth or anything you like. Take a piece of 1/2-inch Styrofoam (or thicker) and cut it to the size you would like to have your picture. That will depend on the pattern you have chosen. Wrap the fabric tightly around the Styrofoam and glue or pin it on the back. The picture is ready to hang.


Cut out a piece a little larger than the figure you want to feature. I used an 8×10-inch frame and rather than use an ordinary mat (which

can be used), I used a piece of felt, and made a 5×7-inch opening. Felt is a wonderful option because it comes in so many colours and is very firm so stays in place. Two or three pictures could be made so it would be a set. Mats could be the same or pick up different colours in the room.


I used this for my granddaughter’s bedroom, using the fabric from her curtains in the picture.

Just pick a background fabric and the pictures can be found in colouring books, quilting books, magazines, etc. Trace them onto suitable fabric, cut out, leaving a little edge around the picture, iron it on to “Ultra Hold” (or similar appliqué method). Tear off the backing paper and iron onto your background. I framed them. – Myrlene Currie writes from Carman, Manitoba

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