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Grandma’s Kitchen

Warm and inviting

With the sun streaming through lace curtains Tiny rose-pink flowers on garlands of green vines and leaves adorn the walls

Aromas enticing those who cross the threshold A pot of chicken stew bubbling on the stove Loaves of freshly baked bread on the table Waiting for the evening meal With family members crowding round Talking, laughing and enjoying food Nourishment for body and soul

This kitchen where generations sat Could tell countless stories The chronicles of life

Its achievements, joy and sorrow The light, happy conversations The discussions, arguments Decisions made

Forming traditions, memories.

When Grandma and Granddad are gone, Their inspiration and love will carry on Down through the ages

When descendants will gather in the kitchen Around a table

Where stories and activities from the past Will be told and appreciated Grandparents’ imprint on their lives Began in this kitchen

Making history for their future And generations will follow Leaving their own memories.

BAKING WITH GRANDMA: Leona Rempel savours the precious cooking moments she has with her grandson Jesse.

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