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Community Cookbook Draws Together Recipes From Rural Newcomer Families

Wh e n Penny Burton arrived in Cartwright, after emigrating from the U.K. a decade ago with her family, one of the many things she discovered about her new country was community cookbooks. What a great way to share food stories and draw a community together, she thought.

Fast-forward to now, and Cartwright’s newest community cookbook takes its inspiration from a growing number of families who, like the Burtons, have decided to make this southwestern Manitoba village home.

Many of the 410 recipes inRecipes From Around the Worldreflect this growing community’s diverse newcomer population, provided by families whose countries of origin include Russia and Mexico, Boliva and Ukraine, Germany and others.

The communities of Cartwright and Mather and the surrounding R.M. of Roblin have been experiencing a veritable population boom since 2004. About 30 new families,

4 c. shredded, raw


1 medium onion, grated

or very finely chopped

Combine all ingredients mixing well. Drop from tablespoon onto well oiled, preheated griddle, spreading each pancake to a thin circle. Brown on both sides. Serve with sour cream. (Do not mix ingredients ahead as potatoes become discoloured quickly once egg has been added.)

representing more than 100 people, have joined the resident population.

Recipes From Around the World is part of a whole-community approach Cartwright has taken welcoming new families, says Burton, who now serves as the economic development officer for the Roblin- Cartwright Community Development Corporation. Newcomer family histories were included when a 125th anniversary history book was published last year. “A group of us thought we should do a cookbook to go alongside it,” says Penny. “Everybody cooks. We thought this would be a great way to share recipes, but also a way of integrating the newcomers into another community project.”

For example, turnip and beet recipes are examples of new ideas for using these commonly grown root vegetables, notes Penny. “Its core basic ingredients are used in a different way, so it widens your whole larder.”

Their committee was made up of avid cooks, each representing a part of their community including the newcomer population, long-term residents and the Holdeman community. Many recipes are submitted in memory of someone. What they’ve produced is a great combination of recipes that reflect the diverse ways people now cook and eat around here.

“We wanted to capture the flavour of this cultural mix in the sharing of information which allows us to try and cook our food in different ways,” the committee of four who produced the book write in its intro.

The 130-page cookbook sold widely last summer during the area’s 125th celebrations but there are still a few available for sale by contacting Penny Burton, Roblin- Cartwright CDC, Box 9, Cartwright, Man., R0K 0L0, telephone: 204-529- 2590 or email: [email protected]

Eva Krawchukreminds us this week how versatile the potato is by sharing with us several potato recipes.


2 eggs, slightly beaten

2 tbsp. flour

1 tsp. salt


A very simple recipe that produces a delicious addition to a meal.

2 large potatoes

1 tsp. salt

1 cup flour

Peel and cook potatoes. Mash and allow to cool completely. Add flour and salt. Mix with hands until it feels like bread dough. Place on wellfl oured board. Roll into circle 1/2 inch thick. Cut with round cookie cutter. Have griddle hot and buttered, fry approximately two minutes per side. Repeat with remaining mixture.

For time saving, circle can be cut into pie-shaped pieces.

We love hearing from readers and enjoy receiving your recipes or recipe requests. Please contact us at:

ManitobaCo-operatorRecipe Swap Box 1794 Carman, Man. R0G 0J0

or email [email protected]


ManitobaCo-operatorRecipe Swap

Box 1794, Carman, Man. R0G 0J0

or email [email protected]


300 g turnip

(about 1-1/4 c.)*

100 g cheese

(about 1/2 c.)

200 g carrot (just slightly

less than 1 c.)

100 g soured cream

(about 1/2 c.)

50 g garlic (That’s

about 2 or more minced

cloves. Adjust to your


Salt to taste

Shred turnip and carrots. Add all ingredients and mix well.

*Russia has had a metric system for over 100 years and as a result most home cooks from there use metric for their volume measurements. The cookbook committee in Cartwright decided not to adjust submitted recipes to preserve their authenticity. There are conversion charts available online for converting grams to fluid oz. I used to adjust this recipe. These are approximate values. – Lorraine


1/2 c. brown sugar

1/2 c. chopped pecans

1/4 c. margarine

5 lbs. yams

2 large eggs

3 tbsp. pancake or maple


1 tbsp. lemon juice

1 tsp. salt

Preheat oven to 350 F. Spray 13 x 9” pan with Pam. Cook yams in large pot of salted water until very tender. Drain and let stand in colander for 15 mins. Mash yams with blender. Mix sugar, pecans and butter in small bowl. Beat eggs, syrup, lemon juice and salt in large bowl and mix with yams. Put in baking dish and sprinkle over pecan mix. Bake until yams are set, around 1 hour.


This recipe has a story of its own to go with it. This is served with the roast beef dinners of Mather Meals, a regularly organized community meal around here. Mather is the Local Unincoporated District (LUD) within the R.M. of Roblin. Seniors Services of Cartwright, Mather and Roblin originally became involved with Mather Meals as a way for seniors within the area to come together for a social gathering. It is now a much-expanded event. Community members within the Mather area now plan, cook and serve a meal on a monthly basis, usually over the winter months. The event draws people of all ages together to enjoy an excellent meal at relatively low cost and the opportunity to chat and socialize.

3 oz. lemon jello

1 c. boiling water

1/4 c. cold water

1/2 c. cream (whipped)

1/2 c. mayo

4 tbsp. creamed


Mix first three ingredients. Let cool until jelly stage. Add rest of ingredients and let thicken.



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