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Canadian canola hits great wall of China

China won’t discuss the situation with Canadian officials

Despite the ongoing efforts of Canada’s canola industry and the federal and provincial governments, China still is not importing Canadian canola seed, or even willing to discuss its de facto boycott that began in March. “It appears there is no immediate solution to this issue,” Canola Council of Canada president Jim Everson told a webinar […] Read more

Canadian soybean exports to China almost nothing in March

This is not just a seasonal shift in demand, says Soy Canada’s Ron Davidson

Chinese buyers continue to turn their backs on Canadian soybeans. The latest data from Statistics Canada confirms industry fears, says Soy Canada executive director Ron Davidson. “The numbers are clearly substantiating what the exporters are telling us, which is essentially the Chinese importers aren’t interested in purchasing Canadian soybeans right now,” Davidson said. He added […] Read more

Restoring canola exports to China ‘chess, not checkers’

Canadian captives complicate things, nevertheless, some farmers have lost patience and confidence in Ottawa

Some Canadian farmers, no closer to knowing when they’ll regain access to their biggest canola customer, are going from feelings of uncertainty and anxiety to anger and frustration. “We demand action,” Ian Steppler, who farms near Deerwood, Man., wrote on Facebook last week. The federal government and grain industry are committed to restoring Canadian canola […] Read more

Canola trade missions start in Japan, Korea in June

Canada is also trying to save the WTO, which enforces rules-based trade

China’s Canadian canola seed boycott demonstrates Canada is too dependent on one country. That’s why Trade Diversification Minister Jim Carr, along with Canada’s canola industry, is kicking off a canola trade mission in Japan and South Korea in June. “We will be working closely with the sector to identify other opportunities for trade missions in […] Read more

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China shows little interest in buying Canadian soybeans

Because of American trade policy Canadian soybeans are even more dependent on China

First it was canola and now it’s soybeans. China, Canada’s biggest soybean customer, has all but stopped buying Canadian soybeans, Ron Davidson, executive director of Soy Canada said in an interview May 6. “Traders have been saying China just has no interest in buying (from Canada),” Davidson said. “What I got from the traders is […] Read more

Canola crush processing near capacity

That limits their ability to offset lost seed sales to China by processing more

Don’t look to Canada’s canola crushers for relief from the Chinese canola seed bans. Canola oil and meal are still being exported to China, but because Canadian crushers are working at almost full capacity there’s not much opportunity to offset the loss of canola seed exports to China with increased shipments of oil and meal. […] Read more

Canadian farm exports run into Chinese wall

New commodities are reporting unexpected delays for importation to China

An expanding list of Canadian farm exports is hitting obstacles at Chinese ports, leaving sellers of soybeans, peas and pork scrambling amid a bitter diplomatic dispute. China has already blocked Canadian canola from Richard­son International and Viterra, two of Canada’s biggest farm exporters, saying that shipments had pests. Other China-bound canola cargoes have been cancelled, […] Read more

Why so much Canadian canola has gone to China

The economic superpower is the biggest buyer of many agricultural products

China has been buying about 40 per cent of the canola seed Canada exports, so losing that market, even temporarily, is a blow. That’s a lot of eggs in one basket. But it shouldn’t be a surprise, says Brian Innes, the Canola Council of Canada’s (CCC) vice-president of public affairs and president of the Canadian […] Read more

VIDEO: Finding solutions to harvest loss

Feed rate, combine settings often factors for higher losses

Angela Brackenreed with the Canola Council of Canada talks about harvest loss in canola, measuring harvest loss, and what producers can do to minimize the economic impact. Recorded at Manitoba Ag Days 2019 in Brandon. Video editing by Greg Berg.