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Cool down canola ASAP to prevent spoilage

With the recent heat wave farmers need to be even more vigilant with their canola

All canola should be conditioned shortly after it goes in the bin. Canola that goes into the bin hot is at much higher risk of spoilage and conditioning will reduce the grain temperature. It will also help dry down dockage, which may have higher moisture content than the seed. Note that straight-combined canola may have

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Top 10 risky storage situations for canola

Canola can heat and spoil in the bin, costing growers a lot of lost income. Here are 10 situations that will increase the storage risk: 10. Can’t remember what’s in the bin. Keep a composite sample for each bin of canola. Record average moisture and grain temperature when canola goes in the bin. Use this

Canola Watch for this week

The Canola Council of Canada has issued its weekly Canola Watch newsletter. This week’s topics: • Top 10 things to consider when scouting for insects • Insect update • What Swede midge damage looks like • Scouting now for disease • Try the new Spray-to-Swath tool • Coming events

Canola variety selection tool now live with 2012 results

The tool includes an economic calculator, interactive maps, and the ability to refine searches by five traits

The online Canola Variety Selection tool is now live with data from the 2012 Canola Performance Trials (CPT), giving canola growers another tool to compare variety performance. The CPT provides science-based, unbiased performance data that reflects actual production practices. The selection tool provides comparative data on leading varieties and newly introduced varieties. The tool includes

Canola Council: Spray window closing

Rain has set back weed spraying. Early canola crops are near the end of their spray windows, even though some fields have not received a first pass and some fields got a first pass but need a second. Label application windows: Glyphosate: Anytime up to and including the 6-leaf stage of canola.Liberty: Cotyledon stage up to the

Prairie canola variety data now available

Comparative data on canola seed varieties is now available to growers from the new Canola Performance Trials (CPT) 2011. The CPT 2011 represents the next generation in variety evaluation for Western Canadian canola growers, providing science-based, unbiased and timely performance data that reflects actual production practices, as well as comparative data on leading varieties and

Timely Weed Control In Challenging Conditions

With challeng- ing spray conditions, including crop and weeds weakened by frost and cool weather, growers need to consider steps to improve herbicide performance and limit crop damage. These steps will be different for each herbicide, so pay attention to product label instructions and restrictions. Here are key points from the recent webinar on spraying

How Much Are You Losing?

Canola growers lose up to five bushels per acre out the back of their combines. That skims a lot of profit off the top and adds to volunteer canola costs in following years. Manitoba Canola Growers Association and the Canola Council of Canada will host a Combine Performance Clinic at the Keystone Centre in Brandon,