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People look to purchase cannabis products at the Quebec Cannabis Society (SQDC) store, on the day Canada legalizes recreational marijuana, in Montreal. Indigenous entrepreneurs see an opportunity in the market.

Canada’s Indigenous people fight for rights with new cash crop — cannabis

The stage is, however, being set for a struggle over whether or not it’s a ‘sovereign Indigenous right’

Thomson Reuters Foundation – In their struggle to regain control over resources and spur economic growth, Canada’s Indigenous communities have found an unlikely ally: cannabis. Facing higher levels of poverty and unemployment than the general population, many Indigenous people see the marijuana trade as a valuable source of income. Canada became the first industrialized nation

An American chef is trying to bring local food to one of the most remote northern settlements on the planet.

Grow your own in 30 below

A transplanted chef is on an Arctic self-sufficiency mission

In one of the planet’s most northerly settlements, in a tiny Arctic town of about 2,000 people, Benjamin Vidmar’s domed greenhouse stands out like an alien structure in the snow-cloaked landscape. This is where in summer the American chef grows tomatoes, onions, chilies and other vegetables, taking advantage of the season’s 24 hours of daily

Solar power push lights up options for India’s rural women

Keeping the lights on — and factories running — with solar panels has been a game changer

Thomson Reuters Foundation – In her village of Komalia, the fog swirls so thick at 7 a.m. that Akansha Singh can see no more than 15 metres ahead. But the 20-year-old is already cycling to her workplace, nine kilometres away. Halfway there she stops for two hours at a computer training centre, where she’s learning

Fresh vegetables at the Alberone Market in Rome, where a group of volunteers are rescuing unsold food and distributing it for free, January 5, 2018.

Food-mad Italy on mission to cut waste, feed hungry

Volunteers and food vendors are banding together to meet the national target

Thomson Reuters Foundation – The young Roma woman gingerly touched the oranges and cabbages, bright, fresh and neatly stacked in crates. Francesco Fanoli, an anthropologist, insisted they were hers to take — for free. With a toddler playing in a nearby pram and more mouths to feed at home, the mother took the cache gratefully,

Gates backs ‘super’ cows and crops

Investments will be targeted at innovations 
that will aid poor farmers around the globe

Computer mogul Bill Gates is backing agriculture innovation in a big way. He’s funding research into “super crops” and breeding higher-yielding dairy cows along with the British government, he announced recently in Scotland. The work could lead to cows producing more milk, chickens laying better-quality eggs and crops being able to withstand droughts or disease,

A worker cleans photovoltaic solar panels inside a solar power plant at Raisan village near Gandhinagar, in the western Indian state of Gujarat, February 11, 2014.

A new climate-smart cash crop — sunshine

Selling surplus solar energy to the grid is a triple-win scenario in India

London / Thomson Reuters Foundation – A pioneering project in one of India’s sunniest states has led to one farmer harvesting what could become the country’s most climate-smart cash crop yet — sunshine. A pilot project by Sri Lanka-based non-profit International Water Management Institute (IWMI) offered farmers the opportunity to sell excess energy generated by solar