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People look to purchase cannabis products at the Quebec Cannabis Society (SQDC) store, on the day Canada legalizes recreational marijuana, in Montreal. Indigenous entrepreneurs see an opportunity in the market.

Canada’s Indigenous people fight for rights with new cash crop — cannabis

The stage is, however, being set for a struggle over whether or not it’s a ‘sovereign Indigenous right’

Thomson Reuters Foundation – In their struggle to regain control over resources and spur economic growth, Canada’s Indigenous communities have found an unlikely ally: cannabis. Facing higher levels of poverty and unemployment than the general population, many Indigenous people see the marijuana trade as a valuable source of income. Canada became the first industrialized nation

Photo: Government of Yukon.

Want free farmland? Grab your parka and head North

Toronto / Thomson Reuters Foundation – In Canada’s far north, the government of Yukon Territory wants to attract small farmers to the frigid region with a simple pitch: free land. And as global warming makes Canada’s northern regions more hospitable to agriculture by opening once frozen land to farming, the opportunities are growing. Bordering on Alaska


Brazil’s female farmers occupy government offices

Rio de Janeiro | Thomson Reuters Foundation — Hundreds of female farmers in Brazil occupied rural government offices on Wednesday in protest against austerity plans which they say disproportionately impact poor women. Protesters who marched across several cities on International Women’s Day said pension reforms and other changes to social security will make it harder