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Measuring crop yields from space

U.S. scientists 
develop new way to measure crop yields with high-resolution satellite images

U.S. researchers have come up with a new method of estimating crop yields from small farms in Africa using high-resolution images from the latest generation of satellites – a development which could help cut hunger in poor parts of the world. Improving agricultural productivity is one of the main ways to lift people out of

Famine forecasts on a smartphone? There’s an app for that

Famine forecasts on a smartphone? There’s an app for that

The free app combines satellite data with crowdsourced data 
about how often people eat

A new mobile phone app designed to help aid workers predict where hunger may strike and provide help in good time was launched by Austrian scientists on Nov. 19. The app, which is free to use, combines and analyses satellite data and information collected through crowdsourcing using mobile phones, and creates a map highlighting areas

A worker cleans photovoltaic solar panels inside a solar power plant at Raisan village near Gandhinagar, in the western Indian state of Gujarat, February 11, 2014.

A new climate-smart cash crop — sunshine

Selling surplus solar energy to the grid is a triple-win scenario in India

London / Thomson Reuters Foundation – A pioneering project in one of India’s sunniest states has led to one farmer harvesting what could become the country’s most climate-smart cash crop yet — sunshine. A pilot project by Sri Lanka-based non-profit International Water Management Institute (IWMI) offered farmers the opportunity to sell excess energy generated by solar