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Grow your own in 30 below

A transplanted chef is on an Arctic self-sufficiency mission

In one of the planet’s most northerly settlements, in a tiny Arctic town of about 2,000 people, Benjamin Vidmar’s domed greenhouse stands out like an alien structure in the snow-cloaked landscape. This is where in summer the American chef grows tomatoes, onions, chilies and other vegetables, taking advantage of the season’s 24 hours of daily […] Read more

Food-mad Italy on mission to cut waste, feed hungry

Volunteers and food vendors are banding together to meet the national target

Thomson Reuters Foundation – The young Roma woman gingerly touched the oranges and cabbages, bright, fresh and neatly stacked in crates. Francesco Fanoli, an anthropologist, insisted they were hers to take — for free. With a toddler playing in a nearby pram and more mouths to feed at home, the mother took the cache gratefully, […] Read more

Soil background

Better soil health could capture more carbon

A recent study says changing farming practices could capture as much carbon as the global transport sector emits

Thomson Reuters Foundation – Improving soil health in farmlands could capture extra carbon equivalent to the planet-warming emissions generated by the transport sector, one of the world’s most polluting industries, experts said Nov. 14. Soil naturally absorbs carbon from the atmosphere through a process known as sequestration which not only reduces harmful greenhouse gases but […] Read more

High-tech tracker to battle ancient wheat plague

Wheat rust early detection is critical and a surprising source is providing new hope

The tracking technology used to halt the deadly Ebola and Zika viruses could now be turned against wheat rust as scientists try new ways to stop the fungus devastating world grain crops. Wheat rusts are nothing new — ancient Romans honoured the rust god Robigus, hoping to protect their fields — but they are adapting […] Read more

Food Security Still A Problem As Hunger Rises

A fall in grain prices has led to the impression that food security is no longer a concern, but the number of people without enough to eat is still rising in a world facing recession, the United Nations said March 31. “The level of prices is still 19 per cent above the average of 2006 […] Read more