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KAP calls for PPE donations

COVID-19: Farmers can help with this fight by donating equipment like N95 masks

KAP is encouraging all producers with personal protective equipment that is not required for spring work to donate to the Manitoba health system. As Manitoba’s health system continues with preparations to ensure our province is prepared to meet the needs of our patients and to ensure appropriate protection from COVID-19 is available to health-care workers,

Canada FarmSafe Plan: A New Tool For Creating Safer Farms

Anew resource becomes available to Canadian farmers later this month to help develop agricultural health and safety plans custom fit for their own farm operations. The new Sécur i Fe rme Canada FarmSafe Plan is a business risk management tool for voluntary adoption by farmer-owners of all types and sizes of farms, say Canadian Agricultural

Stony Plain Honey Producers Walk The Safety Talk

Honey farming may be sweeter but it’s no safer than any other farm business. That’s why one of Canada’s leading commercial honey-producing families has a living safety plan. Tim and Pam Townsend started TPLR Honey Farms Ltd. at Stony Plain back in 1979. Their son Lee and his wife Elise are now partners in this

Protect Against Zoonotic Diseases

The key to cutting down the spread of any type of zoonotic diseases is first recognizing there is a risk of exposure. That means workers, for instance, should stay out of the barn if they’re sick, said provincial farm safety coordinator Glen Blahey during a farm safety seminar here hosted jointly by KAP and MAFRI

Now Hear This…

Canadian Federation of Agriculture The traditional picture of a farm as a serene and quiet workplace couldn’t be further from the truth. Machinery, motors, and even sounds made by animals, sometimes create a noisy and often hazardous environment. “Since the industrial revolution, noise is one of the most common occupational health hazards,” explains Marcel Hacault,