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Hiring uninsured contractors on the farm risky

Hiring contractors who are not covered by your province’s workers’ compensation might save a little money but it could ruin your farm business. Helping farmers and ranchers reduce the risks in their operations is the core message of the theme Plan • Farm • Safety, a three-year focus for the Canadian agricultural safety campaign. In

Learn from every safety incident on the farm

Farming and ranching can be a dangerous occupation. That’s why it is so important to track and check each safety incident and learn from it — so that you can prevent it from happening again. The Canadian Agricultural Injury Reporting program (CAIR) reports an average of 115 people are killed by farm-related incidents every year,

Stony Plain Honey Producers Walk The Safety Talk

Honey farming may be sweeter but it’s no safer than any other farm business. That’s why one of Canada’s leading commercial honey-producing families has a living safety plan. Tim and Pam Townsend started TPLR Honey Farms Ltd. at Stony Plain back in 1979. Their son Lee and his wife Elise are now partners in this

Include Children In Your Farm Safety Plan

Unlike most other industries, in farming, the workplace is also usually the home. Adults frequently work with their children nearby and that can increase the risk of children getting injured. “Farm life can put families in situations that are uncommon to the average household,” says Greg Stewart, president and CEO of Farm Credit Canada (FCC).

Make Your Safety Plan Work For You

lan Farm Safety” is the three-year theme of the Canadian Agricultural Safety campaign. Each aspect of the theme is being promoted with a yearlong campaign. Last year the campaign highlighted “Plan” with safety walkabouts and planning for safety. This year, the focus is on “Farm” including implementation, documentation and training. And next year, emphasis will

Proper Fit Is Key To Respiratory Safety

Disposable particulate respirators are being made available free through provincial farm safety agencies to help farmers plan for safety on their farms. However, if you wear a respirator improperly, then you might as well have none at all. So the key message is to think ahead, have a respirator handy, and know how to use

“Holy Smokes! Maybe I’m Dying Here!”

“ I remember like it was yesterday. The freezing rain was stinging my face and I was lying there in the mud – so cold – with the horses sniffing and milling around above me. I could feel a painful heat and numbness rising up my body from my legs – like boiling water. All