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“French fry?” McIntosh talks potatoes with a youngster in this undated commercial, posted to YouTube nine years ago.

Peak of the Market president to retire after 27 years

A Toronto kid with no ties to agriculture, Larry McIntosh learned to love Manitoba, then its vegetable farmers

The face of Manitoba vegetables, Larry McIntosh, is retiring after 27 years with Peak of the Market. “There’s no question, I’m going to miss the people and the positive environment,” Larry McIntosh told the Co-operator. “I love coming to work every day. We have a lot of fun.” Under McIntosh’s direction as president and CEO,

Potato beetle resistance brewing

Potato beetle resistance brewing

Potato producers are getting ready for their yearly fight with Colorado potato beetle, but in some places the products don’t work the way they used to

The battle against Colorado potato beetle is becoming more difficult every season. It’s not a new problem. As early as 2014, producer groups were already warning that Colorado potato beetles were becoming increasingly resistant to neonicotinoids. Four years later, the problem has not gone away and, in some patches of the province, has arguably got

Fresh vegetables on bark.

Horticulture industry gets a taste of Manitoba as national council gathers in Winnipeg

About 200 members of the Canadian Horticulture Council were expected 
to attend the annual general meeting held in Winnipeg March 14-16

Winnipeg recently played host to Canada’s horticulture industry. Around 200 members of Canadian Horticulture Council gathered for the organization’s annual general meeting March 14-16. The Vegetable Growers Association of Manitoba, Peak of the Market, Keystone Vegetable Producers Association and Keystone Potato Producers Association are among Manitoba organizations represented, joining members from across Canada. “It basically allows

New crops and varieties developed here will help expand market opportunities for vegetable farmers, says Keith Kuhl chair of Peak of the Market and Tracy Shinners-Carnelley, the grower co-operative’s director of research and quality enhancement.

Winkler-area research site to help expand markets for vegetable growers

Site will evaluate varieties and crop management techniques for 
fresh-market potatoes and carrots, and even sweet potatoes

Those orange-fleshed sweet potatoes Canadians love eating travel many miles to reach our dinner plates. Most are grown in the southern U.S., where a much longer and warmer growing season makes commercial production possible. Now new varietal research, underway near Winkler, may make field production of them possible in a Canadian climate too. Sweet potatoes

“If you look at our regulations our obligation is not to sell anything that doesn’t meet standards, which is Canada No. 1 and Canada No. 2 in the case of onions. However, we will try to find them a sale in processing or anywhere we can.” Larry McIntosh.

Veggie marketing wars continue

A second grower is taking aim at Peak’s practices

Another Manitoba vegetable grower is claiming Peak of the Market rejects too much produce, which costs growers and wastes food. Idzerd Boersma of S. B. Vegetable Growers near Portage la Prairie has joined Jeffries Brothers Vegetable Growers in calling on Peak to allow farmers to sell their own produce if Peak won’t. And it appears

It's time for the province to commission an independent review of Manitoba's vegetable marketing board.

Editorial: Time for a review of Peak

Peak of the Market is back in the news, not that it’s ever very far from it. For example, week in, week out, every issue of the Winnipeg Free Press has a large advertisement with a daily recipe from Peak, each prominently featuring a photo of CEO Larry McIntosh. However, those ads often feature vegetables

Ernie Jeffries holds carrots taken from the brown box. They’re too small to grade Canada No. 1 or 2 so they have to go for cattle feed along with carrots in the beige box culled because they are too big, too small, broken or misshaped. According to Jeffries the small carrots and many of the culls are fine for human consumption.

VIDEO: What’s up doc? Too many carrots seen going to cows instead of people

Jeffries Brothers blames Peak of the Market and worries about the 
future of their operation and Manitoba’s carrot industry

Manitoba’s largest carrot growers say the grading practices of the provincially regulated vegetable-marketing board threaten to push the family farm out of business. Ernie Jeffries, who operates Jeffries Brothers Vegetable Growers with his brother Roland and father Dave, wants permission to sell carrots rejected by Peak of the Market outside of the regulated system. Jeffries

red potatoes

Phosphorus acid a strong option for disease control in potatoes

Both foliar or post-harvest application are options, depending on circumstances

Phosphorus acid was a much-discussed topic at Manitoba Potato Production Days in Brandon this year, and for good reason. A variety of phosphorus acid treatments, registered in Canada under the labels Phostrol, Rampart and Confine, are useful additions to growers’ tool boxes for disease control. Susan Ainsworth, a potato specialist for Syngenta in Manitoba, offered