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Biden administration plans tougher action to rein in meat prices

Biden administration plans tougher action to rein in meat prices

U.S. plans to funnel money towards smaller meat producers and workers

Reuters – The Biden administration plans to take a tougher stance toward meat-packing companies it says are causing sticker shock at grocery stores. Four companies control much of the U.S. meat-processing market, and top aides to President Joe Biden blamed those companies for rising food prices in a blog on Sept. 8. As part of a set

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Canada dilutes plan to limit temporary foreign workers

Ottawa | Reuters — Canada’s Liberal government on Thursday watered down measures to limit the number of low-wage temporary foreign workers firms can hire after complaints the restrictions would cause major labour shortages. Under rules introduced by the previous Conservative administration, the number of low-skilled foreign workers a firm could employ would have dropped to

Rich Vesta

Editorial: Beef production and the view from Alberta

The view is different out here — and it’s not just the scenery. Granted, Co-operator staff had the rare opportunity last week to visit with ranchers in and around Calgary that were specifically selected by their colleagues at Alberta Farmer Express specifically because they do things a little differently. Nevertheless, it was an eye-opener listening

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Pressure mounts for changes to country-of-origin labelling

WTO ruling sets the stage for U.S. repeal of COOL

The United States has three months to repeal its country-of-origin labelling program on beef and pork imports before Canada and Mexico will proceed with billions of dollars’ worth of retaliatory tariffs on American goods. In the wake of the World Trade Organization’s final decision May 18 that COOL violates international trade rules, the House of

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The meat of the matter in making sausage

Workshop at Food Development Centre helps both professionals 
and amateurs learn the craft of sausage making

Otto Von Bismarck famously once said, “Laws are like sausages; it is better not to see them being made.” But the Prussian statesman wasn’t in the sausage-making business. Those who are, or simply experimenting at home with new methods, ingredients or recipes, need to know — and seeing is believing. That’s what drew 15 participants

WTO in Geneva, Switzerland.

Editorial: Winning at the WTO for real

Canadian livestock producers won something to crow about but little else in the latest WTO ruling to support their claim that the U.S. mandatory country-of-origin labelling rules are unfair and discriminatory. The ruling was accompanied by the now-familiar volley of press releases from Canadian livestock and meat producers, and more sabre-rattling by federal politicians about

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Meat processors applaud tenderized beef labelling

But they say ground beef should also carry cautionary labels

Meat processors are welcoming Health Canada’s regulations for mandatory cooking advisory labels on all mechanically tenderized beef (MTB) products but wonder why retailers aren’t required to put similar labels on ground beef packages. Jim Laws, president of the Canadian Meat Council, said in an interview the department’s MTB labelling order, which comes into effect Aug.

CFIA flubs food failure followup

CFIA flubs food failure followup

Canada’s auditor general has identified weaknesses in how the Canadian Food Inspection Agency manages recalls of contaminated foods and its followups with processors to prevent further incidents. “While illnesses were contained in the recalls we examined, I am not confident that the system will always yield similar results,” Auditor General Michael Ferguson said in his

The draft code for care of pigs in Canada says long-term stays in gestation crates should be phased out.

New pig care code brings change

The much anticipated draft Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pigs released by the National Farm Animal Care Council signals change is coming to the industry’s use of sow gestation stalls and other herd management practices such as castration. “In well-managed and -designed housing systems, it is possible to achieve equal or