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Night hunting has been explicitly outlawed in Manitoba. While Métis and Aboriginal rights remain, new rules require free permits in agro Manitoba, and some strict safety prohibitions.

New night hunting law now in effect

Law proclaimed makes night hunting explicitly illegal

A law which explicitly makes night hunting illegal and which adds more regulations to its enforcement has been proclaimed. “This has been a priority for MWF and our members,” said Manitoba Wildlife Federation in a statement. “Together with all stakeholders and the government, we have made enormous strides.” As amended, the Wildlife Act reads, “No person shall hunt

Open season on wild pigs not the answer

Open season on wild pigs not the answer

Unfocused sport hunting will only 
make the problem worse

Is an open season on wild pigs the answer? Likely not, according to most of the experts, who say it’s likely that could actually make the problem worse. Private hunting may actually scatter a sounder and spread the problem unless the whole group is contained, Canadian Pork Council veterinary counsellor Dr. Egan Brockhoff said at

A wild pig sounder can grow very quickly in size.

Wild pigs on the loose: A pending threat in Manitoba

The population of feral pigs is growing and the province doesn’t have a strategy to address it

How many wild pigs are roaming agro-Manitoba? Nobody knows the answer to that question, and that’s going to be a problem for the province. Ryan Brook, a professor at the University of Saskatchewan who was educated at the University of Manitoba has the best handle, and even he admits his numbers are far from certain.

Fred Tait argues for MBP to take action towards written permission for hunters during the Manitoba Beef Producers annual general meeting Feb. 7 in Brandon.

Hunting permission slips pitched

Producers say they’re sick of dealing with trespassers during hunting season and hope written permission rules might help them cope

Hunters would need written permission before their next trip onto private agricultural land, if the Manitoba Beef Producers gets its way. MBP will be lobbying to extend signed landowner access rules for hunters and require written permission from landowners. The province currently requires hunters to get permission before hunting or retrieving game animals, regardless of

KAP president Dan Mazier says he welcomes the legislation as a means of improving public safety.

Province moves to curb unsafe night hunting

Tabled legislation aims to protect the public while respecting traditional hunting rights, provincial minister says

Legislation introduced last week to curb night hunting aims to put the public out of harm’s way while continuing to respect traditional hunting rights, Minister of Sustainable Development Rochelle Squires said last week. On May 16 the province tabled Bill 29, the Wildlife Amendment Act (Safe Hunting and Shared Management) to set out regulations on

Trespassing during hunting season is a growing problem in rural Manitoba.

Hunters trespassing on farmland ires southwest

Local leaders say more hunters than ever are coming into the area

ATV and truck tracks found in a soybean field that hunters entered to retrieve moose they’d shot is just the most recent incident of hunting on farmland without permission, say southwestern Manitoba municipal leaders. A Reston-area farmer, whose neighbour first discovered gut piles in his unharvested soybeans, reported the matter, which is now under investigation,

Western leaders warn the province about the risks to the public associated with hunters shooting high-powered rifles at night. They also provided photos in a session with the minister of sustainable development of animals shot and left to rot.

Municipalities press for a night hunting ban: AMM

Minister of sustainable development met for an hour with 16 leaders from western Manitoba following Ministerial Forum at the Association of Manitoba Municipalities convention in Winnipeg last week

Scott Phillips didn’t mince words voicing his frustration at last week’s municipal convention about the night hunting that continues unabated in rural Manitoba. “Are you going to ban night hunting and are you going to do it right now?” the councillor from the RM of Sifton at Oak Lake asked an assembled provincial cabinet, during

Spotlighting is a growing concern in rural Manitoba and getting it under control will require co-operation amongst stakeholders like landowners, 
hunting groups, regulators and First Nations and Métis hunters, most of whom support banning the practice.

Rural landowners complain shooting at night more frequent

Landowners say shots fired at night sound closer to their properties

Cattle producers and wildlife officials say occurrences of spotlighting — use of artificial lights pointed into the eyes of big game animals while hunting at night — is on the rise and it’s raising fears in rural Manitoba. A spokesman for the Manitoba Wildlife Federation (MWF) said even back in July they were hearing reports

Your own goose — and how to cook it

Your own goose — and how to cook it

A few more of us are finding out we’re still a little wild at heart

My husband hunts. I don’t. But I do get why he goes, even if I’m not getting up at 5 a.m. to go with him. Like most hunters, he’ll tell you this fall ritual is important to him. It’s a family tradition and a walk in the woods. It’s a time to reconnect with the