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The Manitoba Pork Council claims that the price of a farm visit to pick up deadstock has dramatically increased compared with other provinces where the biowaste recycling company, Rothsay, operates.

Rendering complaint fails to gain traction

The Manitoba Pork Council says its pricing complaint will not be pursued by the Competition Bureau of Canada

The Manitoba Pork Council says it is disappointed it won’t get its day with the Competition Bureau of Canada after filing a complaint on a hike in fees for on-farm deadstock pickup. Why it matters: The Competition Bureau of Canada has opted not to take up the Manitoba Pork Council’s complaint against deadstock pickup fees.

Pork producers say profitable prices are a welcome change, but the disconnect between farmgate prices and cutout values needs to be addressed.

Market forecasts throw pork producers a bone

While feed prices have nibbled at margins, producer groups and marketers say the signals are good for pork producers in 2021

Margins look good for pork producers — and so do the market forecasts, despite high feed prices cutting into farm profits. Both cash and futures values have been in a steady climb since February, according to Bill Alford, general manager of [email protected] Marketing Services Co-op. “We haven’t seen these values since 2014,” he said, noting

Rick Préjet will replace George Matheson as chair of the Manitoba Pork Council.

Préjet takes lead of Manitoba pork board

The longtime pork producer sees many challenges and opportunities ahead

It’s been seven years since the Manitoba Pork Council had a new face at the head of the board, but Rick Préjet of Notre Dame de Lourdes is ready to give it a go. Préjet will be the next chair of the Manitoba Pork Council, after being elected in mid-April to replace long-serving chair George

Pork council to fight fee hike on deadstock pickup

Producer group says lack of alternatives has left hog operations at the whim of bioproduct recycling company Rothsay

The Manitoba Pork Council is pushing back against what it says is an explosive increase in the cost of on-farm deadstock pickup, and it is taking the fight to the Competition Bureau of Canada. The organization has lodged an official complaint after what it says is a tenfold jump in the cost of an on-farm

Some areas of Western Canada might already be past the point where “pig free” is even possible, says a University of Saskatchewan researcher.

Losing the war with wild boar

Forget eradication. For some parts of Manitoba it’s now a containment game

It’s time to up our efforts in the battle against wild pigs, according to a leading voice in the field. Ryan Brook of the University of Saskatchewan has spent years studying the rise of the invasive species in Western Canada, and has also spent years raising the alarm. He has watched as sounders — the

The threat of disease outbreaks is why we are seeing provincial governments across the country pass legislation that imposes penalties for those who trespass onto farm operations.

Comment: COVID-19 pandemic – lessons to keep

Most of us can’t wait to turn the page on the pandemic, but we’ve also learned a lot

As we approach the one-year anniversary of pandemic lockdowns, COVID-19 fatigue has set in for most. We want to see our families again. We want to have a barbecue with our neighbours. We want to be able to meet a group of friends at a restaurant. While we don’t want to talk about positives coming

“We need to make sure that we have market access. That’s absolutely critical.” – Cam Dahl

Cam Dahl appointed Manitoba Pork general manager

Dahl comes from the chief strategy officer role with Cereals Canada and has extensive organizational experience in agriculture

Longtime agriculture leader Cam Dahl will take the role of general manager at Manitoba Pork starting February 22. “We’re very much looking forward to his working at Manitoba Pork,” said George Matheson, Manitoba Pork Council chair. “(Outgoing manager Andrew Dickson) had a great history with us, but time moves on and we’re looking forward to

Brandon’s Maple Leaf plant is the site of Canada’s latest COVID outbreak in a packing facility.

COVID-19 strikes Brandon pork plant

Growing COVID-19 cases among Maple Leaf Foods staff last week raised the first serious concerns of a meat plant closure in Manitoba

The union representing workers at Brandon’s Maple Leaf Foods plant says it’s seeing echoes of Alberta. Late last week, United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 832 pushed Maple Leaf Foods to close the pork plant after eight workers tested positive for COVID-19. Why it matters: Until now, Manitoba’s meat processors have largely dodged the

Manitoba Pork Council seeking new general manager

Andrew Dickson will step down in six months from the job he’s held for the last 15 years

The Manitoba Pork Council is looking for a new general manager. Andrew Dickson, who has had the job since early 2005, is stepping down Jan. 31, 2021. “You get to a point where you’ve got to quit sometime, so 68 (years of age) is a decent time to quit,” Dickson said in an interview July

Rosser resident Dave Kaplen speaks on the second day of the hearing, July 28.

Lesson of precedent-setting hearing: ‘Avoid at all costs’

A contentious appeal over a quashed quarry application shows early consultation is key, says Grant Melnychuk of Manitoba Pork

The Manitoba Pork Council is closely watching what is likely a precedent-setting decision from the Municipal Board. On July 27, hearings began in Winnipeg for the appeal of an application of Lilyfield Quarry Inc., which the RM of Rosser denied in late 2018. This followed several application attempts under more than one owner in a