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4-H Council gears up for anniversary May 29-31

The tiny village of Roland, Manitoba — birthplace of 4-H — is gearing up to host a big party later this spring. Busloads of 4-H dignitaries, the premier of Manitoba and the public will descend on the community (est. pop. 400) during the evening of May 31 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Canadian

Recipe Swap: Operation Donation

If you’re a Farmers’ Almanac reader, you’ll have heard of the ‘Wolf moon’ of January and February’s ‘Hunger moon.’ Aboriginal people gave these names to the months of winter because there wasn’t much food around. The heavy snow of February made hunting very difficult. A different sort of ‘hunger moon’ hangs over those with empty

4-H Reports

The Co-operator will publish 4-H reports once a month. Reports can be submitted by the third week of the month by email to [email protected], by regular mail to 4-H Reports, c/o Manitoba Co-operator, 1666 Dublin Ave., Winnipeg, Man. R3H 0H1, or by fax to 204-954-1422. Rapid City Beef The club met at the Rapid City

Pilot Program Provides Veggies Instead Of Sweets As Fundraisers

Kids from 35 schools around the province will be selling vegetables to their friends and relatives instead of chocolate bars and candy, Healthy Living, Youth and Seniors Minister Jim Rondeau, Larry McIntosh, president and CEO of Peak of the Market, and Getty Stewart, president of the Manitoba Association of Home Economists, announced Oct. 8 at

2009 looks positive for Peak

“With the economy in the U. S. coming off, we don’t see that as necessarily a disadvantage for us. That’s because people tend to eat more at home when the economy is bad.” – LARRY MCINTOSH, CEO, PEAK OF THE MARKET When Larry McIntosh joined Peak of the Market as its general manager 15 years