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Grain and other bulk commodity shippers are voicing concerns that Canadian railway capacity is no longer up to the job of moving product to export markets reliably.

Railway capacity worries exporters

Shippers say the railways have been whittling away at their own capacity for years 
and that’s affecting Canada’s national economic security

As bulk shippers contemplate future growth in their shipments, their concern over whether Canada’s major railways are up to the job is also growing. Jim Everson, Soy Canada’s executive director, says agriculture and resource sector shippers are concerned CN and CP may not have the capacity to deal with larger volumes. All the resource-based industries

Rail cars the weakest link in supply chain

A public-private partnership could solve this problem but political will is needed

While oil and gas, mining and other commodity sectors struggle, the grain and agri-food industries are going strong. This is a good thing, since it accounts for 6.7 per cent of GDP and supports one job in eight, employing over 2.2 million people. Globally, Canada is the fifth-largest exporter of agriculture and food products. However,

CP can’t move entire crop off the combine

This just in — the railways won’t move Western Canada’s entire wheat crop off the combine this fall. “To use a cliché in building the church for Easter Sunday, there’s a reality that it’s a seasonal business and we’re responsive on a seasonal basis to the business,” Steve Whitney, CP Rail’s vice-president of marketing and

Class action against railways considered

Aproposed class-action suit against Canada’s two major railways over grain freight rates was due Feb. 1 in a Calgary courtroom, where it will be decided whether the suit can proceed on all Prairie farmers’ behalf. In a letter to potential “class” members, Regina lawyer Tony Merchant said the certification hearing in Alberta Court of Queen’s

Letters – for Mar. 17, 2011

As a lifelong CWB supporter and one who donated part of my grain revenue towards the first 2,000 hopper cars that were purchased, I feel I have the right to join in the discussion on the “lakers” even though it seems to be a done deal. I feel I have a legitimate right because my

Grain Company Complaint Against CN Dismissed

The Canadian Tr a n s p o r t a t i o n Agency has dismissed a level-of-service complaint against CN by Western Grain Trade Ltd. In a decision announced Feb. 11, the CTA said CN did the best it could in meeting the company’s need for cars in restricted plant facilities in