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Squash is a winter treat

Squash is a winter treat

There’s a near endless variety of winter squash — and recipes to use them in

Winter squash come in various shapes, sizes and textures in shades of green, yellow, orange, white and even blue. Their tough outer rind sets them apart from their summer cousins (zucchini, patty pan and crookneck squash) which are harvested while immature and their skins are soft and tender. Because of their extended growing time, winter

Recipe Swap, Aug. 9

RecipeSwap New rules for labelling help those with allergies Reading the label on food products just got easier for those living with allergies or celiac disease — and squinting at the fine print. Last week Health Canada unveiled new rules for what must be declared on food labels so you can tell at a glance

Recipe Swap, May 3, 2012

Fast and hearty meals for the field With everyone hitting the fields this week, there’s no time for fooling around with fussy stuff, so here’s a few quick-to-make meals, including two “farm tested,” plus a great one-dish “bake-and-take” dessert and my own favourite cookie recipe. Work safe, everyone! Scrawny Ronnie’s Killer Casserole This recipe comes

Recipe Swap, April 19, 2012

The quickening pulse Having lunch with friends a couple of years ago, we naturally began talking about food and the subject came around to “pulses.” Surprisingly, few knew what a “pulse” actually was. Few also ate lentils or chickpeas on any regular basis, although they were curious to learn more. Mission ImPulsible Here are two

The greens of winter

Cabbage or kale? If your family’s origin is European, chances are your great-greats survived the dark, cold months eating a whole lot of one or the other. Our ancestors couldn’t explain it, but they knew both kept strength up and sickness away in the days of extremely meagre diets. Today we know cabbage and kale

Recipe Swap – for Sep. 22, 2011

Sendyourrecipesorreciperequeststo: ManitobaCo-operatorRecipe Swap Box 1794, Carman, Man. R0G 0J0 or email [email protected] With blight taking out most people s tomato crops last year, gardeners have been especially vigilant this summer to see another season through to a healthy harvest. As I write this, my own tomatoes look fine, although a little small. With any luck

Recipe Swap – for Sep. 1, 2011

Sendyourrecipesorreciperequeststo: ManitobaCo-operatorRecipe Swap Box 1794, Carman, Man. R0G 0J0 or email [email protected] What if you held a fall supper and urged everyone to head out for a walk afterward? For starters, visitors to town would get a closer look at your fine community. Everyone would walk off a few calories piled on at dinner too.

Recipe Swap – for Jul. 7, 2011

In this place it takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place.” So said the Red Queen to Alice in Lewis Carroll’sThrough The Looking Glassas Alice made her way across the patchwork fields, “a great huge game of chess that’s being played – all over the world.” It was pure

It’s Spring… Somewhere Else!

The food magazines are filled with recipes for light salads and all things rhubarb right now, accompanied by stories of newly green backyard gardens and the joy of seasonal eating. Sigh! Evidently, they don’t live around here. Last time I checked, the yard was a vast stretch of mud, winter’s mess of strewn branches and