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Students take part in one of the festival highlights, critter dipping, Sept. 20 during the 2017 Southwest Manitoba Water Festival near Elgin.

Students tap into water knowledge

Students tackled water health and conservation at the latest Southwest Manitoba Water Festival September 20 near Elgin, Man.

Summer is over, but about 180 fifth- and sixth-grade students from southwestern Manitoba still hit the lake Sept. 20. Six schools attended the 13th annual Southwest Manitoba Water Festival, hosted by the Turtle Mountain Conservation District and Assiniboine Hills Conservation District at Whitewater Park east of Elgin. The event draws from all schools in the

Ice breaking top priority in flood fight

Dry soil and low river and lake levels will help — but a quick melt and more precipitation are the big worries now

The provincial government says flooding shouldn’t be as bad as in 2011, but in many areas it may come down to the effectiveness of its ice-breaking efforts. “We could be into a very rapid melt during which that American water, or water in our tributaries, could meet up against solid ice,” said Steve Topping, director

A slow melt is needed to reduce flood risk

The province is preparing for spring flooding, as heavy helpings of snow
and a late melt buoy the likelihood of high water

Recent snowfall has increased the risk of flooding in Manitoba this spring, according to government officials. Although the widespread and prolonged flooding of 2011 isn’t expected at this time, the province is preparing to close community ring dikes in the Red River Valley and expects Highway 75 to be closed for a period of weeks.

Minor to moderate flood risk for province this spring

April showers could bring more than May flowers in Manitoba this spring, 
as a heavy snowpack elevates the potential risk of spring flooding in some areas

Manitoba’s flood forecasters say there is a risk of minor to moderate flooding in some areas of the province this spring, including along the Red River, the Souris and Assiniboine rivers, as well as in the Interlake region. Although the actual 2013 flood forecast is still some weeks away, Manitoba’s minister of infrastructure and transportation

Above-normal runoff expected in Saskatchewan

A higher, denser snowpack doesn’t guarantee spring flooding, but throw 
in some rain, or a quick melt, and there could be trouble

A higher snowpack across the central Prairies and northern United States will likely result in above-normal run-off this spring, but experts say flooding is not inevitable. “The spring run-off is impacted by a variety of factors like moisture conditions in the fall, snow accumulation in the winter, as well as the rate of melt and

Are you ready for the next big flood?

Few of us remember the Red River basin flood of 1950. Even fewer were prepared for the flood when it hit. The dry 1930s and modest flooding of the 1940s had lulled basin communities into complacency. Then, a winter of heavy snow followed by heavy spring rains resulted in flooding all along the main stem

Flooding: The rule or the exception?

You may find yourself feeling a little unsettled with the absence of major flooding this spring. Could this be a sign that we expect floods in the Red River basin to be more rule than exception? If one looks at the last century or two, it appears that flooding has been the rule in the

Netley-Libau project wins innovation award

The Netley-Libau Nutrient-Bioenergy Project has been recognized by the Manitoba Round Table for Sustainable Development as it seeks commercial opportunities for its findings. After receiving the award for Innovation and Research for Sustainability at the Manitoba legislature, lead researcher Richard Grosshan said the focus of the project has changed since he began work at the

Hay is here, markets are there

The hay is here, it’s moving it that’s the problem. The Tyrchniewicz report found that the Manitoba and Saskatchewan forage industry has sufficient quality and quantities of forage for export markets, the spotty availability of up-to-date market intelligence and a lack of compressing, pelleting and cubing facilities hinders the export trade. Portage la Prairie and