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Opinion: School taxation a sign of unsustainability

Manitoba school trustees are permitted to tax property owners to fund public schools. No other province gives trustees this responsibility. Because school divisions have taxing authority, both taxpayers and parents must pay attention to what school boards actually do. A few years ago, the Winnipeg School Division (WSD) proposed to increase property taxes by 6.4

Letters, April 12, 2012

Government should help fund transition Regarding the article, “Time to start thinking about group housing” (March 22, 2012), Bernie Peet is right to alert pork producers to the reality that gestation crates are on the way out. While transitioning to new housing systems, this is an opportune time for producers to improve housing conditions for

Winding Down The Canadian Wheat Board

The Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) will be “wound down” if the federal government delivers on its promise to end the board’s single-desk marketing authority next Aug. 1, says CWB chair Allen Oberg. Ottawa, not farmers, should cover the millions of dollars in costs, including employee severances, pensions and delivery contact defaults, the board said in

“Endnotes” On The CWB’s Future

The following is the endnotes from the recently published paper by the Frontier Centre for Public Policy called “Removal of the Canadian Wheat Board monopoly: Future changes for farmers and the grain industry.” The paper concludes that while the loss of the board’s monopoly will be challenging, Western Canada’s sophisticated farmers will adapt to find

Why Keep Bashing The Board?

After decades of hard work, the Canadian Wheat Board’s opponents have finally won their battle. Normally, congratulations would be in order, but congratulations are deserved only by those who have courage of their convictions and are gracious in victory. We’re not seeing much of either. Instead, the winners of this debate are continuing to heap

Letters – for Feb. 17, 2011

Wheat sold at a loss The 2009 crop took a year to get all the money from the Canadian Wheat Board. My cost to plant and harvest 160 acres was $25,897. When I got my last payment of $23,686 I lost $2,211 and did not charge for labour. I got $2.45 per bushel for No.

Manitoba Farmer Gives Commons Committee An Earful

Politicians and farm groups spend too much time debating marketing boards, the Canadian Wheat Board and farm safety nets and not enough on what will really help producers, a southwestern Manitoba farmer told the Commons agriculture committee recently. “Those three areas of policy suck 90 per cent of the oxygen out of the ag policy