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Cowessess First Nation Chief Cadmus Delorme announces the discovery of the unmarked graves of hundreds of people, June 24, 2021.

Opinion: Truth and reconciliation efforts can’t stop

The story of farmers and First Nations is a long and complex one

It is a privilege to write in this space, and this week I thought it was appropriate to amplify a strong First Nations voice, while providing a bit of historical context. Days before having to address the nation, and press from across the globe, Cadmus Delorme was touting the grain farm on Cowessess First Nation.

Indigenous-led agricultural projects get funding

Goal is to build a more ‘inclusive agriculture sector,’ feds say

Sixteen projects to help support Indigenous-led food system initiatives will receive $4 million from the federal government. “Our government is working to create a more inclusive agriculture sector that respects the values of Indigenous Peoples,” said Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Marie Claude Bibeau in a statement. “These investments are intended to ensure that Indigenous Peoples have equal

In 2019, the federal government appointed an interlocutor to assess the possibility of transitioning the Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation to a harvester-led model.

Report gives next steps to inland fishery transition

Interim committee dismissed a proposal for a First Nations-led fish marketing entity, says AMC

Fishery leaders have shown the interest and capacity to transition the Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation (FFMC) to a harvester-led marketing organization, according to a federal report released January 21. “The end structure of the FFMC has not been finalized, however, I look forward to working with the interim committee, and all harvesters, to explore this

Manitoba Metis Federation says moose hunting ban ignores rights

Manitoba Metis Federation says moose hunting ban ignores rights

A one-year extension of a moratorium on moose hunting in certain areas all about the moose: Pedersen

The Manitoba Metis Federation has indicated it’s prepared for a legal battle over members’ constitutional rights to hunt moose. “We are standing firm on our commitment to a balanced approach for Métis harvesters seeking moose meat to feed their families and elders, while limiting the number of animals taken,” said MMF president David Chartrand in

The Manitoba government announced it will extend a ban on moose hunting by another year.

Law banning night hunting proclaimed

Moose hunting bans extended, decried by First Nation and Metis groups

A law increasing restrictions on night hunting is now in force, the province announced today. Bill 29, which amends the Wildlife Management Act, passed in the legislature in 2018 but was not proclaimed into law until today. The law establishes a general prohibition on night hunting, minimum fines for people convicted of dangerous hunting, and

Tighter regulations take effect for B.C. farmland reserve

Tighter regulations take effect for B.C. farmland reserve

Local governments' expanded role to take effect this fall

New regulations governing how — or if — changes can be made to land’s status within British Columbia’s Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) are now in force, but local governments get more prep time for their expanded role. The province on Thursday announced amendments to the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) Act — having received royal assent

A demonstrator stands at a blockade on CN track west of Edmonton on Feb. 19, 2020.

Editor’s Take: Leadership needed on rail blockades

Where do the rights of protesters end and the responsibility of government begin? In the Canada of 2020, that’s no longer a rhetorical question or a philosophical exercise. It’s a reality that governments and citizens find themselves grappling with. The recent rail blockades are disrupting lives and the national economy with serious repercussions. For a

Despite a good early effort, a CN strike and landslides on both main lines had already set the stage for problems.

Derailed: Protests cause grain shipping turmoil

The many moving parts of Canada’s rail network mean it will be weeks or months before normalcy returns

The head of Canada’s grain transportation monitor didn’t mince words during a recent conversation following a spate of protests that have disrupted rail service on the national level. “I’m really glad I don’t work for a railway this week,” Mark Hemmes of Quorum Corp. said by telephone Feb. 19 from his Edmonton office. “This has

Gould’s father Donald Gould, 86, with grandkids.

Farm family ‘the last thread hold’ of First Nation agriculture

Faces of Ag: BSE and flooding nearly wiped out his family 
farm, but Derrick Gould won’t let their way of life die

Derrick Gould’s farm is one of two left in his community. “We’re the last thread hold of the First Nation agriculture, farming way of life,” Gould told the Manitoba Co-operator. Forty years ago, Gould’s community of Pinaymootang (Fairford) First Nation was home to more than 30 farmers. As the community’s population grew, available farmland diminished,

Aava Cook had a wide smile as she took a seat on one of the rides.

Waywayseecappo First Nation business celebrates anniversary

Wayway Food Mart has been going strong for 25 years thanks to ‘family’

Attendance numbers at the Wayway Food Mart’s 25th anniversary celebration in May definitely showcased how “family” has aided in the success and growth of the business located on Waywayseecappo First Nation. Store manager, Dan Szwaluk, said over the three-day event, attendance figures were around the 2,000 mark. “It was wonderful, the weather co-operated despite a