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Manitoba’s education tax phase-out begins

Budget pledges a 25 per cent rebate cheque in 2021; existing farmland school tax rebate to be reduced

Manitoba’s latest budget follows through on a move the government telegraphed in last fall’s throne speech, by starting a phased removal of education tax on farm and residential properties. Finance Minister Scott Fielding’s budget, released Wednesday, calls for about $248 million in education tax rebates in 2021 alone for about 658,000 property owners. Owners of

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Saskatchewan to pare school tax mill rate for farmland

EPT mill rates to rise for residential, other properties

Saskatchewan’s latest budget taps down the education property tax (EPT) mill rate it sets on farmland, while raising those mill rates on other property classes. The provincial government, in Tuesday’s budget, set the provincewide EPT mill rate on agricultural land for 2021 at 1.36, down slightly from the previous rate of 1.43. EPT mill rates

The Pallister government has reconfirmed its commitment to removing education taxes from farmland.

Pallister committed to education tax phase out

That’s just one of several election promises included in the new Manitoba government’s throne speech

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister says he’s committed to phasing out education taxes on farmland and other property over 10 years starting in 2022 when the Manitoba government’s books are expected to be balanced. It’s a promise welcomed by farmers who say the burden of funding schools in rural areas has shifted disproportionally to them because

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Forty-seven years. Under a plan put forward by the Progressive Conservatives in the waning days of the provincial election, that’s how long it will have taken farmers to get a fairer education tax system. It was a foundational issue in 1984 when the province’s general farm organization, the Keystone Agricultural Producers, came into being. To

Two parties have pledged to change the province’s education tax system.

Election 2019: Education tax relief promised in provincial election campaign

KAP welcomes the announcement, but says it needs details

For decades farmers have complained taxing farmland to help fund education is unfair, now two parties have promised to scrap education taxes on all property, including farmland and houses, in the dying days of the provincial election. The Progressive Conservative (PC) Party of Manitoba announced Sept. 3, education taxes on property would be phased out

Election 2019: A breakdown of education taxes from farmland, farm buildings

The Keystone Agricultural Producers says farmland owners are paying an increasing share of education taxes relative to other property owners. Based on provincial government figures Manitoba farmland and building owners contributed $64 million of the $850 million in education property taxes collected in 2018-19. That’s 7.5 per cent of the total and accounts for the

Election 2019: Supporting farmers doesn’t win votes in Winnipeg

House taxes were focus of announcement

The Progressive Conservative party’s promise to phase out education taxes on all property, including farmland, is a huge win for Manitoba farmers and the Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP), says University of Manitoba political studies professor, Christopher Adams. But the news release announcing the pledge doesn’t mention farmers at all and instead focuses on the tax