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(Left to right) Keenan Wiebe and Mitch Rezansoff ran through the process of “whiteboard- ing” — analyzing a farm’s operations for inefficiencies.

Young farmers told to take a manufacturing mindset

Two speakers at the recent Manitoba Young Farmers conference demonstrated how to analyze data to find money-saving efficiencies

Young farmers were urged to take a manufacturer’s mindset at a recent conference. “Some people find that offensive. Don’t look at it that way,” Mitch Rezansoff said. “It’s just managing the farm the way any other business would. It’s knowing the cost of your production intimately.” Rezansoff, executive director of CAAR, demonstrated a “whiteboarding” exercise

Oat December 2015: Chart as of June 23, 2015

Drozd: Oat market hammers out a bottom

Bottoming action is evident in the December 2015 oat futures market

A hammer materialized on the December oat futures chart on Monday, April 27, 2015. Hammers are reversal patterns that appear at market bottoms on candlestick charts and are bullish, as they are said to be “hammering out a bottom.” The hammer represents a period in the market where an intraday sell-off is met with strong

Harami alerts hog producers to a downward correction

After rallying up, but failing to fill a gap between $91.475 and $91.650, lean hog prices on the weekly nearby candlestick chart turned back down on February 24, 2012. The ensuing reversal pattern (sell signal) that developed is referred to as a harami on a candlestick chart. Lean hog prices have since lost more than

Issued: Monday, May 10, 2010 Covering: May 12 –May 19

Iwasn’t exactly wrong on the second half of last week’s forecast, but I wasn’t exactly right either. The main storm track did develop to our south, but a pesky little upper low decided to break off from this main storm track and meander over our region during the first part of this week. This brought