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Federal Tories look east for ag critic

The federal Conservatives have tapped one of their rookie Quebec MPs as the new agriculture critic for Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. Andrew Scheer, elected in May as the Tories’ new leader, on Wednesday announced his first shadow cabinet with Luc Berthold, the MP for Megantic-L’Erable, as agriculture and agri-food critic and John Barlow, MP for

Anderson named federal Tories’ ag critic in shuffle

A vocal critic of the former Canadian Wheat Board single marketing desk for Prairie wheat and barley is now the lead agriculture critic in Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. David Anderson, the MP for the southwestern Saskatchewan riding of Cypress Hills-Grasslands since 2000, was named Thursday as the Conservatives’ critic for agriculture and agri-food by interim Tory

Manitoba ag minister unseated in Tory sweep

Manitoba’s incumbent agriculture minister was among the casualties in Tuesday’s provincial election as Brian Pallister’s Progressive Conservatives swept the New Democrats from office. Ron Kostyshyn lost his seat Tuesday to Tory candidate Rick Wowchuk, a schoolteacher from Swan River, by a spread of over 1,500 votes. Kostyshyn, a cow-calf producer from Ethelbert, Man., had been

Most of farm file’s handlers to return to Commons

Most federal parliamentarians with experience in the agriculture and agri-food portfolio will be back in the House of Commons under a new majority Liberal government. As of Tuesday morning, prime minister-elect Justin Trudeau’s Liberals were elected or leading in 184 of 338 seats, for a decisive majority following Monday’s federal election. Stephen Harper’s Conservatives return

Conservatives Pull Out All Stops To Ram CWB Bill Into Law

CO-OPERATOR CONTRIBUTOR / OTTAWA The Conservatives have the legislation to strip the Canadian Wheat Board of its wheat and barley monopoly on a forced march through Parliament. Second reading debate began Oct. 19 and was set to conclude Oct. 24 as theCo-operatorwas going to press. The government will use its majority to give the bill

Former CWB Minister Reg Alcock Passes

Reg Alcock, the Winnipeg member of Parliament who led then-prime minister Paul Martin s political defence of the Canadian Wheat Board, died early last Friday of a reported heart attack at age 63. Alcock, the MP for the Winnipeg South riding from 1993 to 2006, served in Martin s cabinet from late 2003 to early

More Pros And Cons Heard On Bill C-474

Farmers welcome new crop varieties, but they also want regulations to ensure those crops don’t ruin markets, Paul Gregory told the House of Commons’ agriculture committee during a hearing on Bill C-474 broadcast live on the Internet Oct. 5. “I talk to farmers every day,” said Gregory, president of Interlake Forage Seeds Inc., near Fisher

Ontario MP Tries To Cut Red Tape For Farmers

Ontario Conservative MP Bev Shipley wants to cut the red tape slowing the introduction of new agriculture technologies for farmers. He’s presented a motion in the Commons, which, if approved, would spare companies the expense and paper shuffling involved in repeating research on their developments already approved in other countries. He wants the government “to