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Jessica McKague is assistant curator at Steinbach’s Mennonite Heritage Village Museum where the exhibit, Mennonite Food: Tastes in Transition, is on display until early 2016.

Steinbach museum reveals a global recipe swap

A new exhibit at Steinbach’s Mennonite Heritage Village Museum explores the impact of migration and other influences on Mennonite food

Why do Mennonites eat watermelon and roll’kuaka? Where’d their recipe for varenikje come from? And what’s up with all that farmers’ sausage, anyways? A new food history exhibit at the Mennonite Heritage Village Museum in Steinbach answers those questions and more. Typical Mennonite foods like kielke (egg noodles, schmauntfat (white cream gravy) and/or pereschtje (meat-filled

Angelic members of Headingley United Church (l to r) Candy Burke, Sandy Johnston and Cindy Ruth have an intense 
conversation with ‘Pastor Penny’ played by Margaret Mills during the stagin g of Back to the Manger by the small 
congregation November 30 in a congregation member’s farm shed.

Headingley hosts sing alleluia

And cluck, coo, gobble, bleat and whinny their way Back to the Manger

Christmas lore has it there was no crib for a bed in that manger 2000 years ago — and there certainly was no fuel tank, spare tires, air hoses, and wrenches. But as members of Headingley United Church discovered recently, retelling the Nativity story in a congregation member’s large machine shop opens up all realms

Thoughts on Easter

We all have memories of highlights in our lives that may have happened last year or a few years ago. Let’s think about a historical moment happening some 2,000 years ago. Jesus Christ was innocent, but was charged, convicted and sentenced to death on a cross. He took the punishment for our sins and paid

Winter wonderland candle display

These candle holders are a good way to display votive candles and look especially nice when lit up. Supplies: Baby food jars (or other small jars) washed and dried Painting mat Spray glass frosting Glitter Small shallow container Modge Podge (available at craft supply stores) Paintbrush Old newspaper Ribbon Embellishments Glass plate or tray Epsom

It was twice a work of wonder —but Sifton’s marvellous Russian Orthodox Church suffered a cruel fate

Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Church was a source of great pride when 
it was constructed in the 1920s and renovated this century, but was tragically lost

When it was dedicated in August, 1928, an overflow crowd of more than 500 people packed Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Church in the small village of Sifton to marvel at the architectural wonder. The church was designed by Bishop Vladyka Arseny in 1926, with assistance of priests and monks under his charge, and was constructed

A different Valentine’s Day celebration

Growing up in Vrin, a small mountain village in Switzerland, Valentine’s Day had nothing to do with buying flowers and candy for the object of one’s affection. February 14 was a religious feast in honour of St. Valentine, a martyr who paid with his life for his faith, and also a celebration of friendship and

Hamm Mennonite Housebarn Now A Museum

The village of Neubergthal, in which the former Hamm Housebarn sits, is a National Historic Site, recognized for the impressive number of surviving traditional- style “housebarns” that characterized almost all early Mennonite street villages in Manitoba. This vintage house was built by Bernhard and Helena Hamm in 1901. Their daughter, Margaret, and her husband Abram

Planning To Do Some Renovations?

Spring is synonymous with home renovations and their associated horror stories, due to inexperienced or deceitful contractors and trades people, or those do-it-yourselfers who don’t know what they’re doing. Both situations can result in misery and extra cost. My family is currently undergoing a major renovation, both inside and out. We have an excellent contractor

Thoughts On Easter – for Apr. 21, 2011

Some of the stems of the little plants looked hairy when I brought several pots up from the basement. It is called a resurrection plant and was given to me several years ago by a friend. She also gave me some instructions on how to look after the plants after enjoying the flowers. In fall

Flower Sales Soar In February

Valentine’s Day will soon be here, and with it the annual rose promotion opportunity. While Old Man Winter is blowing icy breath at us, many of us take the most delicate of flowers home by the dozens. How long they last is anybody’s guess, but in the meantime, they have helped many a romance bloom.